Christmas Day Activities, Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-02-21
Christmas Day Activities, Essay Sample for Everyone
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Christmas is a Christian religious festival that is celebrated on 25th December of each year. The celebration is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ who is believed to be the son of God. During this day, there are various activities that take place. According to the Christian doctrine, there is no specific thing that should be observed during the day. Different people from different denominations celebrate the day in their own unique ways that are in line with the Christian teachings. There are also those that celebrate Christmas in ways that are not necessarily religious but do not violate Christian teachings. In whichever way a person decided to celebrate the day the events are meant to be fun-filled.

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Christmas Day Activities

A Christmas tree is one key symbol that is present in many homes that celebrate Christian. The tree is usually decorated as part of the fun activities and gifts placed under the tree. There are people who start the day by going to the church for prayers. The church activities are usually during morning hours and are meant to bless the day. Other activities include the sharing of presents. Families, friends or neighbours may visit each other to enjoy a meal together. During this time, people often give each other presents. The gifts are a way of showing love and appreciation to each other. The gifts are also a symbol of the way Jesus was born. During his birth, the wise men went with gifts to give it to his parents. Christians, therefore, undergo this ceremony for fun and for remembrance of that day. After people have had lunch and shared their presents, the afternoon is often free for anyone to enjoy different activities. There are people who plan outdoor activities and have some fun with their family and friends. Other people may decide to visit a park, go to a movie or a museum and spend some quality time with their families.

In areas where there is winter, it is common to see people going for ice-skating. Numerous places offer ice-skating during winter. However, people who do not have winter in their regions may enjoy the day by going for mountain hikes or even bike riding. Others may visit parks that offer children activities such as roller coaster. There are also people who do not want to cook and would like to enjoy the day in a nice restaurant with their friends, or family. Many restaurants are open during this day because they understand the needs of customers. It is common to see these establishments with special menus that cater to a variety of people. Since the day is supposed to be fun, such hotels may provide extra facilities such as a play area for kids to encourage the whole family to participate in the celebration.

Apart from eating and visiting local areas to have fun, people also travel to other places. There are those that may decide to go to other countries or travel within their country and enjoy different tourist and leisure places. Christmas season is a period that hotels and travel agencies make huge profits because of such activities.


Christmas is however not limited to 25th December but usually stretches for a day or two. Some people may decide to use this day to be married or engage their loved ones. Charities and donations are also a big part of charismas day celebrations. There are people who take the day to give back to the society. Such individuals may visit the homeless shelters or orphanage and spread joy to these people who are facing financial and personal difficulties.

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