Free Paper on Dr. Lim's Academic Articles

Published: 2023-09-27
Free Paper on Dr. Lim's Academic Articles
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These articles by Dr. Lim were fascinating and exciting for me. I found the materials to be very resourceful and fun, especially on the issue of weight loss surgery and operations. The articles provided me with a strong basis for the subject matter, especially in general surgery and weight loss surgery operations. The subject matter is well organized and planned, although I felt emotional for the doctor due to the challenges they underwent in Baghdad (Lim, 2017). This paper is a reflection of my views on Dr. Lim’s academic articles on weight loss surgery operations and general surgery.

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The most exciting thing of these articles is the systematic description of the types of WSL which are, restrictive, mal-absorptive or a combination of both (Lim et al., 2010). I also learned the specific percentage of excess weight that can be removed through each operation method. I agree with Dr. Lim that weight loss surgery is prevalent in the United States, mostly due to the sessile lifestyle adopted by many people in the states. The article indicates that before any WSL surgery is done, it is vital to consider the BMI of the patient. Any BMI above 50% is considered to be obese, but WSL surgery should be limited to those people with a BMI of higher than 40kg/m2 (Lim et al., 2010).

Also, I have learned from these articles that there are so many benefits of digestive system surgery. Some of the benefits I learned are, improved quality of life, resolution to hypertension and diabetes and decreased risk of cardiovascular events. Besides, the articles also taught me the anatomy of the digestive system, more so, the, stomach, large and small intestines. I also gained a considerable amount of knowledge concerning the physiology of the different parts of the digestive system. Concerning the people who do science, the articles had a lot of teaching, especially on the nature of their work and attitude. Lim, R. (2017) implies that science requires a lot of dedication and passion. Lim’s sentiments proved to be true because while in the desert, the medics did their work with passion and commitment to save the lives of the injured soldiers Lim, R. (2017). Moreover, the people who do science are expected to be very creative and always apply logic while performing their duties. For example, deciding to amputate a broken leg rather than spending all the time and resources at the expense of other injured patients.

In conclusion, I learned that the work is not easy, but it takes teamwork, courage and dedication to help the people who need surgical services. However, some complications may arise during surgery. Lim divided these complications into intraoperative, early postoperative and late postoperative complications. The surgical process is well described, and the explicit pictures used made me understand the different forms of WLS even better. I also feel that the people who do science are faced with a considerable task of solving the problem of obesity in society. However, the question left puzzling me is the security of such surgeons who are deployed to offer their professional services in the battlefields.


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