"Don't Let Them Catch You" by Molly Patterson, Book Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-22
"Don't Let Them Catch You" by Molly Patterson, Book Review Essay Sample
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The book "Don't let them Catch You" was authored by Molly Patterson. It was published by the Iowa review in the Year 2012. She has had her previous works published in the Chicago Tribune's Printers Row, The Iowa Review, and The Atlantic Monthly. "She was the 2012-2013 Writer-In-Residence at St. Albans School in Washington, D.C., and is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize" (Goodreads.com). This book is narrated in the first-person by Kaitlyn who is 11 years old. She has an elder sister Brandy who is 14 years old. Other characters include, Mrs. Duncan the piano tutor, and Uncle Mike, and their mother. The book dwells mostly on the two sisters who blame each other for the mistakes that they make in their lives. A critical analysis of the book reveals that some aspects of the book could have been done better.

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Some of the things that Patterson speaks about the book are difficult for the reader to visualize. For instance, when she describes the material that the kidnapper uses to capture his victims, she says that "he has a car and there's a long rope coming out of it that you cannot see because it is made of a special material that is invisible" (Patterson, 2012) The reader is left wondering if there is really any material that is invisible to the eye. Is it realistic to have an invisible material pulling someone into a car or it is just the wrong use of words? I feel that the author needed a better choice of words in that section of the book.

Some of the language used in the book is vulgar. This may mean that the book is not appropriate for children under the age of fourteen. The author uses vulgar language in a conversation between Brandy and her mother. Brandy says "I have my own life you know...why don't you get a fucking babysitter?" (Patterson, 2012) I feel that using the word 'fucking' was inappropriate because the book could attract interest from readers of all ages. There is also use of the phrase 'Holy Fuck.' The author could have simply avoided the use of the word or simply chosen a better word that fits the conversation. Bearing in mind that Brandy was speaking to her mother also leaves questions in the reader's mind about how well the mother has raised her children for them to speak to her in that manner.

On a positive note, the storyline of the book is commendable. The author uses short sentences and the sequence of events is easy to follow. For instance, the events just before the kidnapping of Kaitlyn have been narrated in a simple language. Kaitlyn explains that her sister fails to pick her from school because of her new boyfriend and the fact that Brandy has threatened her on numerous occasions not to tell their mother about Chaz. In this narration, I feel that Patterson's work was superb. It is very easy to follow the events that lead up to the kidnapping. The manner in which Patterson builds up the suspense in the book is also commendable. When Kaitlyn arrives then Brandy and Chaz arrive thereafter, both of them enter the house and find that everything is not as it is supposed to be. The TV was on and the bedroom door was locked. To make matters worse, Kaitlyn did not find her key where she kept it before. This sequence of events leaves the reader wondering what was would happen next.

Overall, the storyline of the book was magnificent but the language and use of words were inappropriate. One is left to wonder whether the book is for a general readership or simply for older readers. Patterson would have done better to avoid using the words 'fuck' because the storyline seems relevant for a younger audience. The context of certain words was also incorrect. Using the word "invisible" to describe a material used to grab someone is unrealistic. Overall, the book was is well-written except for the few aspects.


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