Free Essay with the Results of Online Research on Latin American Composers

Published: 2022-03-09
Free Essay with the Results of Online Research on Latin American Composers
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a. What/who are they? And where are they from?

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Violeta Parra- she was a Chilean ethnomusicologist, folklorist, songwriter and composer who dedicated herself to the popular culture and music in Chile (Habib).

Juan Morel Campos- a musical composer from Puerto Rico who was responsible for elevating the Danza genre. He also studied the tuba and flute to gain the qualifications for playing in a military band.

Luciana Souza- a Brazilian composer and Jazz musician who also produces chamber and classical music.

Manuel Maria Ponce- he was a major Mexican composer, pianist, as well as a music educator during the 20th century.

Joaquin Clerch- a Cuban classical guitarist and music composer who was Leo Brouwer's protege and friend. He is currently a guitar professor at a German university.

Teodora Gines- a composer and musician from the Dominican Republic. She is credited with authoring, arguably the oldest music in Cuba, Son de la Ma Teodora.

Ernesto Lecuona- a world-renowned composer from Cuba with excellent piano skills. He hailed from a musical family and was taught how to play the piano by his sister.

Astor Piazzolla- he was an Argentine arranger, tango composer, and bandoneon player famous for infusing the local music with classical and jazz elements. He is a central figure in tango, and his jazz-infused oeuvre gained him considerable international acclaim in Latin America and Europe ("Astor Piazzolla").

Eloisa D'Herbil de Silva- she was a Spanish composer and pianist who was a prodigious pianist from childhood.

Juan Bautista Alfonseca- a Dominican Republic composer and military officer known for his efforts in developing merengue music.

Antonio Carlos Jobim- he was a Brazilian arranger, songwriter, pianist, and composer with jazz leanings. He inspired Jazz artists in the 60s with his sensuously aching urbane melodies.

Emilio Sojo- he was a Venezuelan educator, composer, and musicologist credited with creating the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra. He primarily majored in sacred choral music.

Leo Brouwer- a classical guitarist, conductor, and composer from Cuba. His father, an armature player, taught him the guitar.

Agustin Pio Barrios- a virtuoso classical guitar player and composer from Paraguay. He became the first Latin America guitar player of stature to perform in Europe when he toured there in 1934.

The list of names shows that all the individuals are music composers and artists form Latin American countries. It depicts the wealth of music to be found in these countries in terms of original artists and the works they pioneered or enhanced.

b. How/where did you find them?

I found the names on various websites by conducting online research.

c. What kind of information is at each source(s)?

Information found in the sources is conclusive since it tells a lot of about the artist. One thing I realized is that the music sites were keen to focus on the instruments used and favored by these composers. Musical instruments are inseparable from the music as well as the artist since there are violinists, guitarists, and pianists among others. The artist's country of origin is also given in all of the sources since it is a fundamental part of the composer's identity. It can help readers to trace the artist's roots and understand them better.

The other kind of information found in the sources is the era that the composer existed. The period of an artist's influence is a useful piece of information in understanding their influences, inspirations, and message (Huntington). The people who inspired or taught these musicians are also included in the information sources since they play a fundamental part in the artists' career and deserve some recognition. The era can also prove the importance of an artist since some were pioneers in their respective areas of expertise.

The learning process of these composers is also clearly illustrated in all the sources. We are taken through their life to understand how they developed to be such great composers by focusing on how they began their careers. Some were prodigious talents from childhood while others learned their craft later but excelled nevertheless. It is essential, as a student of music, to know if an artist hails from a musical family or not. Some composers came from a lineage of musicians while others like Tom Jobim gained their inspiration by training later in life. The composer's childhood and early life also feature prominently in the sources allowing the reader to understand the history and appreciate the growth (Huntington).

The artist discography also features significantly in the sources. These composers achieved great feats early in life and created music that was adored by many. They regularly traveled internationally to perform their popular music. Sometimes a listener could know a song without knowing the artist, and hence it becomes easy to make a connection upon listening. Giving the discography information will help readers to associate artists with popular songs that could otherwise go unrecognized. The discography information associates a composer with their list of accomplishments, which means that they always receive the credit they deserve. Artists who won accolades or competitions deserve the extra recognition. Artists who performed internationally are also described in great detail to allow readers to understand the scope and reach of their craft. Latin American artists who played in Europe had to have excellent music that could traverse national borders and move so far.

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