Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay | Free Paper Example for Everyone

Published: 2017-10-02
Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay | Free Paper Example for Everyone
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Argumentative essay sample on why dogs are better than cats & other pets

Many people have pets for a variety of reasons. The fact is, those cute creatures are an endless source of positive energy and joy. Usually, people decide on having pets because of loneliness and the desire to care for someone. However, the motives may differ depending on the age. For example, young people choose companion animals to make their days more fun. Also, young families adopt cats and dogs to play with their children. But, at the same time, older people need attention and affection. So they buy animals or adopt them from pet shelters.

But there is one important aspect that is the subject of endless debate. Which animal should you choose? The fact is that the preferences of each person are individual. That is why it is difficult to predict which pet someone needs without prior discussion. For example, some people prefer cats as these creatures are smaller than dogs. At the same time, there are many conflicting opinions and reasons why a dog is the best option. Nevertheless, these two types of animals are most common in the United States and worldwide.

Many people believe that dogs are the best choice for various reasons. People value loyalty first and foremost. Dogs can't lie. Their emotions are pure and genuine. If your pet barks loudly, jumps, and demands your attention, then this is a manifestation of love and desire to be with you. You probably know why dogs are better than cats. In general, the advantage is an active lifestyle. You will most likely walk outside, run in the park, or play on the lawn more often after adopting a dog.

The main pros to choose a dog

Your pet will need a way to burn calories and energy. By playing outside, you can improve your health and achieve longevity. At the same time, cats are creatures that do not like to walk on a leash. You are unlikely to teach such a pet to run with you on the sidewalk. People adopt cats to play with them indoors and not outdoors, so you should know this beforehand. In addition, active games with a dog can be combined with learning tricks. Since these animals are very social, they will follow your commands. For example, you can learn a couple of tricks with a ball, newspaper, or other toys.

Thanks to the help of a dog handler, your dog can become an indispensable assistant when it comes to protecting the territory or looking after children. By the way, here's another reason why dogs are better than cats. Are you ready to buy and constantly clean your cat litter? You may live in an apartment, and your pet cannot go outside. At the same time, you can take your dog outside to solve such problems in a couple of minutes. All you need is a couple of tissues or a paper bag to clean up after your pet. Another advantage of dogs is their behavior. For such animals, the master is the center of the universe. The fact is that dogs are companion pets.

Many breeds are ideal for singles. Imagine an animal that genuinely rejoices every time you return home. Cats are unlikely to show interest in you until they get hungry. Surely you would like your pet to pay attention to you more often, so the dog is the obvious choice. Now let's move on to one more aspect. Suppose dogs are better pets than cats. The fact is that these animals do a good job of being a nanny.

They are good guards & hunters

Many breeds have an innate guardian instinct. Many YouTube videos show dogs protecting young children, helping them cope with depression or playing games. These animals are also great for the rehabilitation of children after injuries and illnesses. Surely it will be easier for you to go to work every morning, knowing that your child is safe. In addition, many dogs are very patient and do not growl at children, even if the game has gone too far. Now let's talk about the emotional component. Dogs are pure energy and emotion. The point is, these creatures are great empaths.

Imagine you come home from work or college, and you feel bad. You may be tired or ill. Regardless of the situation, your dog will be glad to see you and will always support you no matter what happens. Cats are less emotional. Plus, they're more suitable for introverts who don't need a lot of attention. Dogs are ideal for those who want positive emotions and round-the-clock care.

With due diligence, you can teach your dog to perform certain actions or wait for you in someplace. Such animals can reflexively memorize many commands and execute them depending on the situation. Cats are unlikely to listen to what you say until they hear that you have taken food from the refrigerator. At the same time, you shouldn't assume that cats are a totally bad idea. The fact is that these animals are not suitable for all people. You will have to come to terms with some conditions of keeping cats.

At the same time, dogs are a more versatile solution. And do not forget that it will be easier for you to move to another city having such an animal. The fact is that your pet can quickly adapt to a new territory. You need a couple of days and enough care for your dog to enjoy life. Cats need more attention. Plus, you probably have to buy a special container to keep your cat from getting lost. So, choosing a pet depends on your needs and lifestyle. However, dogs are a priority as you will enjoy the company all the time. Usually, people make the final decision by making a list of all the advantages and disadvantages. This decision allows you to understand how well the dog integrates into your life.

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