Divorce and Relationships - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-26
Divorce and Relationships - Essay Sample
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Relationships, marriage, and divorce are common issues that affect today's society. Most individuals encounter one or all the problems in their life at least once. Relationships involving a connection between two individuals may lead to marriage, which is a covenant between two legally recognized individuals. However, marriage conflicts may lead to divorce, where the individuals decide to dissolve their union legally. Several factors influence relationships like age, maturity level, sense of attraction, sex, and preferences, while the factors that influence divorce are toxicity, compatibility, and tendencies. On the other hand, depending on an individual's beliefs, divorce can be prevented. However, relationships, marriage, and divorce rely on an individual's decision to choose what is right for themselves without the other party's influence.

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First, relationships may be as a result of sexual preferences. An individual may engage in a relationship for sexual pleasure and romantic attraction. The relationships can either be gay, lesbian, or between males and females to have sexual intercourse. However, such relationships may not last long, according to Blair-West, (00:06), since they are purely based on sex. On the other hand, individuals may divorce due to infidelity, where one partner is unfaithful and has multiple sexual partners (Fry, 01:39). Infidelity may lead to the siring of children outside wedlock, which a key factor is leading to divorce, according to Blair-West, (00:52). However, divorce can be prevented when a marriage counselor is involved in helping the couple overcome infidelity. Unfortunately, some couples still divorce after counseling.

Second, relationships may be influenced by levels of maturity. Some individuals prefer to date mature older people, while others prefer younger individuals. The ability to reason together as a team for couples is vital in growing the relationship, especially if it is long term (Blair-West, 02:02). Moreover, both parties' ability to respect opinions and make an informed decision without arguing is vital in avoiding toxic relationships (Blair-West, 02:02). Some men prefer dominating women and making decisions alone, affecting their marriage or relationship. According to Fry (01:13), an individual should respect their partner’s opinion. However, maturity cannot prevent a divorce if other factors like infidelity are not considered. Mature individuals married to each other may divorce if they are incompatible.

Third, women are attracted to strong masculine men. The physical appearance may be a primary reason for an attraction that may lead to a relationship. However, some men use their masculine nature and strength to beat up women and harm them (Blair-West, 02:02). Gender-based violence has become a household issue affecting most relationships and marriages. Some women chose to stay in the relationship because of love or the fear of the unknown (Fry, 01:13). Also, some forms of gender-based violence bring about a fear that prevents women from speaking up protecting themselves. In marriage, the violence may be persevered to protect children from growing up in single-parent families. The violence may be accompanied by marital rape, while some victims end up dead while others have permanent post-traumatic disorders. Women who survive gender-based violence mostly divorce their partners to prevent further damage and seek justice.

Fourth, age is a crucial factor that affects both relationships and divorce. According to Eve (pp 1), young people below 25 have different priorities than those above 30 years of age. Individuals in their twenties beginning maturity and may change in preferences over time. The theory explains the reason why divorces are higher when couples marry early. However, according to Eve (Pp1), relationships based on genuine love can grow and blossom without divorce. While on the other hand, some relationships based on age factor will divorce despite being in their thirties.

Lastly, priorities in both relationships and marriage may be among the key factors that build two individuals. Most people in relationships have the same priorities in parenting, Investment, education, and life goals. Most partners will similar investments tend to achieve more together and grow closer to each other (Fry, 01:13). However, selfishness may be a significant cause of divorce. Some partners conceal information regarding investments or con their spouses on finances and investments, leading to divorce (Blair-West, 02:02). Some partners take advantage of the generosity of genuine partners to gain funding and assets. Using children as leverage has also become common in modern society to get unreasonable child support.

In conclusion, the factors that promote relationships also contribute tremendously to the divorce of partners. While some partners are in a relationship based on maturity, others are in the same relationship based on sexual preferences. The chances of divorcing may vary, but some relationships go against the odds and make it without divorcing, while some will end up going separate ways. It takes mutual efforts for a couple to thrive and succeed without succumbing to external pressure. Relationship experts may have their little advice based on the statistics, but both marriage and relationships narrow down to an individual. Once the decision to walk out of a relationship is made, there is little to reconcile the individuals involved.

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