Free Essay for You: Disorganization and Social Learning Theories

Published: 2018-01-02
Free Essay for You: Disorganization and Social Learning Theories
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It is factual that the environment, its different conditions influence an individual’s disposition currently and in the future. This reality forms the hallmark of the social learning and social disorganization theories. Children who are subjected to constructive after school activities such as watching educative shows for teenagers, writing narratives and poems and performing various workouts with responsible teens often have high incidences of academic success. Also, there are often minimum rates of child recidivism and deliquescence in societies that embrace a coordinated system of social services that assist families in achieving the highest level of self-sufficiency and independence. These families can provide for their children needs thus limiting their indulgence in child labor to satisfy their unmet needs.

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The establishment and implementation of a national policy on children and youth that incorporates full funding for elementary education programs and child care increase not only the rates of new admissions in schools but also offer an adequate opportunity for teenagers to acquire necessary knowledge and skills pertinent in gaining opportunities in well-paying jobs. In addition, individuals often feel more psychologically included in societies that offer equal opportunities of success to all. This opportunity comes in the form of universal employment, equal educational and social service opportunities for even the underprivileged and securing the future of employees through a proactive social security to cater for their needs upon retirement.

In cases where some needs are unmet, people become more predisposed to view themselves as part of a harsh society or not entirely part of it thus increased incidences of crime. In principle, the social learning and social disorganization theories have a fundamental relevance in the daily operations of the society. For instance, in their early developments, children require developing their capabilities to the greatest extent possible through effective, comprehensive early childhood development programs and high-quality education. These provisions result in employability, lifetime skills, and reduced vulnerability to social vices at a later age.

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