Essay Example: Dishonesty and the Tragedy of the Commons

Published: 2023-08-22
Essay Example: Dishonesty and the Tragedy of the Commons
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The tragedy of the commons is a situation where individual users can generally act according to their interests and behave differently for the common good of the users by spoiling the shared resources by their collective actions (Couclelis 2000). The tragedy of the common factor is one of the challenges that I have encountered in my life from the community we are staying in. One of the examples of the tragedy of common that I experience was fishing activity. We shared the same fishing pond with a group of eight people and each person was allowed to harvest the same number of fish as the other members. With the restrictions and rules placed in this partnership, their various members continuously violated the standards set by harvesting more fish than the speculated amount required. This behavior denied other members in collecting enough fish products. Fishing rules violations that were set contributed to the reduction of fish production in the pond affecting the business opportunity and livelihood of people. This act can be termed as dishonesty and unprofessional behavior in business ethics.

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There was a massive outcry among most of the members in the current fishing rules violations. As the members who were using the fishing pond, we called for a meeting. The leader of the group was angered, and he provided new terms and policies to be followed by all the members in the group. The members who violated the fishing harvest rules were denied access to the pond. Generally, fish harvesting requires proper regulations and honesty among all the partnership members. There was the introduction of new regulations to assist in avoiding overfishing in the pond (Couclelis 2000). There were various measures such as security and fishing advisor who were introduced in boosting the operation of the fish business. Most of the members were happy with the new rules introduced in the organization and management of the fish pond. There was a specific amount of fish harvest that all the members were allowed to collect in a particular day. All the members agreed to protect and follow the fishing pond rules and business structure. The fish pond requires proper management and fish feedings and treatments; members contribute money that will be used in managing and protecting the fish pond. The members also swore not to violate the rules and participate in developing and maintaining the fishpond.

The remedy of the fish harvest problem was useful, as members categorically followed the laid down measures that were introduced (Couclelis 2000). After the meeting, all the members were actively involved in the affair of the fish pond. This desire helped in restoring the future of fish production and prosperity. The tragedy of the common helped in the restoration of the fish production business future. I will apply Ariely's strategy to remedy the tragedy of the commons by introducing an effective control of the measures, self-check, and shredding measures in effectively analyzing the factor in the social structure.

Behavior Explained

Irrational behavior is the behavior that happens when someone does not listen to the logic and common sense from their reaction (Turner 2016). I witnessed the irrational behavior of a group of three men pleading for a car lift alongside the road. The three men were lucky to find a good Samaritan to provide them with the car lift. However, as the three men were in the car, they continuously thanked the middles aged man from his kind heart. As the three men reached their destination, they pulled a gun and threatened the man to shoot if he did not alert from the car. The three men threw the middle-aged driver out and took his vehicle and stole his car. The middle-aged man was confused by the behavior of the following reaction of both of the men as he shouts for help from passersby.

Social ethics and individual values instigated the irrational incident that took place. Both our society and personal values contribute to the irrational behavior that was witnessed in the scenario. I design an experiment by giving the same thieves who stole the old man a gift and food. After they received the award, they decided to robe me by stealing my phone and money as they beat me up. My second experiment was in another community where I spotted a few thieves and took gifts and food to them. I was surprised that they thanked me and praised my good heart for caring for others. After this experiment, however, I concluded that social ethics and values determine irrational behavior. As a behavioral economist, I will divide different participants based on their community background. Participants who came from highly illogical behavior locations will be classified in a separate group compared to the individuals who come from a lowly irrational place (Turner 2016). My analysis will be based on the society in which a particular participant lives. Participants who come from a higher irrational, prone area will be categorized in my treatment section, and their counterparts will be classified into the control section.

The potential issues that my experiment will face include lack of cooperation from the participants, adequate resources in carrying out the research, security, and language barrier (Turner 2016). The following are some of the significant challenges my experiment will face while analyzing the participant's reaction. As a behavioral economist, I will overcome the following problems by familiarizing myself with the societies the participants live in and use a resource person to categorically demonstrates the regions. I will collect most of the funds from my friends and family from one perspective to the other. The reason that made my participants behave irrationally was because of the different social backgrounds they were coming from. The values and norms that society has determined the upbringing of a particular individual in our community.

The Power and Perils of Statistics

The most significant potential benefit of statistical inference lies in analyzing its deduce properties of underlying distribution and probability. The inferential statistics also examine the population distribution, testing hypothesis, and deriving at the estimates (Ariely 2009). Statistical inference focuses on the sample data application methods used in analyzing a particular population estimation. There are various fields that inferential statistics can be used in analyzing the data; for instance, the medical field offers the best platform for inferential usage. There are many components in the medical field that will require statistical inference services in society. The medical field contains individual components such as angiology, cardiology, critical care, Geriatrics and hematology, and hepatology (Ariely 2009). The following areas require the potential benefits of statistical inferences. Medicine field, however, requires a broader analysis since it comprises both animal and plant analysis.

There are several benefits that the medical field will bring to our current society. With the present diseases and social-related challenges, medicine will help control the following problems from one perspective to another. However, the statistical inferences bring uniformity and transparency in the medical field because all the data will be tabulated and introduced for analysis in the following structure. The Medicine field will deliver an effective transformation to the challenges that affect our current social structure. The medical field also recruits medical practitioners, such as nurses, doctors, and specialists. Some of the areas that the medical covers include diagnostic treatment, disease prevention, and medical research. The medical field will transform the statistical measures used in analyzing its services. The statistical inference should be used with well trained and qualified personnel. Poor handling of statistical inference will cause destruction of the information that later will result in distortion of data from one perspective to another.

When statistical inference is abused, it will affect the result received in the medical field. However, the medical field records the most significant danger when statistical inference data is misused (Ariely 2009). This is because there are several components that the medical field contributes to our social structure. The following factor makes this field to be highly protected and restored during data collection. One of the areas that will lead his researchers astray is the education field. In the education sector, various components will affect the future lives of many people. Therefore, the statistical inference should be adequately monitored because, when not controlled, it will destroy the whole education sector.

Programmatic Self-Evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic method of collecting, using information, and analyzing the project information and policy programs of an individual's life. There are decisions that people make in their lives in the past that have changed over a specified period (Ariely 2009). In the past, I decided to seek a degree in one of the lucrative colleges. After finishing college and attained my degree, I developed a weird character since I lost most of my character of self-evaluation. First, this factor seems like a joke for me but realized that I did not possess any form of my degree qualities in my behavior. I realized that I do not have the following conditions and characteristics of my degree when I was called for an interview and could not categorically illustrate what I was taught in college.

When I realized I was losing my degree characteristics, I was continuously becoming frustrated and embarrassed of myself. The following challenge affected my association with my friends and family since I was feeling not able to uphold and express my educational skills and abilities in society. There is a vast difference between myself and my two counterfactuals. I am the best thinker and understanding person in a normal reaction. There is a massive difference with my counterfactuals with my regular personal character from one perspective to another (Turner 2016). The following disparity in my style has affected my personality and my career in one dimension to another. With the resulting difference in my character, there is a need to use a psychiatrist that examines my behavior and reaction in society.

My long-term health has not changed from the past character compared with my current behavior. My current health is stable compared; this is because of my continuous exercise and stress-free nature. My earnings have changed massively; currently, I have not invested in any significant financial structure in my life. This factor has also affected my future long-term fiscal earnings. Currently, I am not happy; this is because of the constant challenges that affect my life from one perspective to another. There are decisions that people make in their lives in the past that have changed over a certain period. In the past, I decided to seek a degree in one of the lucrative colleges.

My current happiness has affected my future happiness, a measure that has hindered my happiness from one perspective to the other. The best treatment for my current challenge should be counseling. The services of a psychiatrist will be the best decision for me from one perspective to the other. The second treatment should be love from friends and family members as I undergo the following challenge. Speaking and communicating with several people is one of the high medicines for my current problem. The doctor medications also should be used in restoring my senses and mental characteristics.

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