Paper Example. Discovering Relationships and Building Model

Published: 2023-10-27
Paper Example. Discovering Relationships and Building Model
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The health organization sector has many records maintenance. The organization's goal of servicing the patients in the shortest time possible without missing record-keeping and hedging errors in the sector needs organized record-keeping. The new technological consideration of having patient record-keeping in the shortest time possible and backup for future use is of great importance to the health organization (Fouka & Mantzorou, 2019). The automated record keeping of patience in keeping the unique identification and registration at the initial stage of treatment is of great importance. There are several ways health organizations use technology in health record keeping. The information in the record-keeping helps in directing patient care and has a probable outcome.

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Ways Health Organizations Use Technology to Gather Patient Health Care Information

Technology has helped in the facilitation of clinician communication and patients. The patient medical journey is a process from registration, consultation, maternity, pharmacy, and lab testing have gradual steps, and technology can ease the sharing of communication (Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Regional Health Data Networks, 2015). Ensuring accuracy in medical treatment is in line with technology in medicine. There has been a great improvement in efficiency with minimization of errors due to technological advancement. Access to information on the health sector has been emphasized with the use of modern technology. The technical prescription helps in giving précised clear and correct treatment (Khankeh et al., 2015). Patient center care is improved by technology in the consideration to increase the patient need of having the information synchronized to updating records

Information and Data Used in The Patient Care Directive with Outcomes

The technology has been having transparent record keeping of the patients that has helped hospitals and the medical sector to control the patients in and out. The website outlay has helped in education and information relating to the patient and medics to help in treatment (Med Ethics Hist Med., 2014). Technology has improved the medical sector to control the patient's care and reference the statistical record to educate the public on the dynamic changes of health issues.


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