Free Essay Sample on Digital Media Job

Published: 2022-08-30
Free Essay Sample on Digital Media Job
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Today, technological advancements have made the world to be viewed as a global village, as many remotely operated systems are being developed (Malhotra, 2015). The invention of the internet has facilitated the development of such remotely operated systems, which has led to the introduction of digital content. Therefore, digital media is considered to be an assortment of content and technology. The digital media content includes photographic, audio, and video content which is distributed computers and other digital devices in a network (SAS, 2018). Moreover, the digital content can be formatted and edited for quality improvement.

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The digital media industry is comprised of various job descriptions whose purpose is in the manufacturing and production of digital content which is used for various purposes. Some of the digital media industries offering job opportunities include technology, entertainment, television, advertising and marketing, sports, government agencies, among others.

The following paper is going to focus on the marketing and advertising industry, whereby, the application of digital media technology and content will be discussed in depth. Moreover, some of the job descriptions, educational requirements, and future job prospects applicable in this industry will be a point of concern. The following research questions will prompt the study:

  1. How is digital media technology applicable in the modern marketing and advertising strategies?
  2. Is the use of digital media content and technology embraced in the modern electronic commerce?
  3. What is the future of digital content marketing?


To determine the basis of digital media content and technology in marketing and advertising regarding job description, educational requirements, and future prospects of digital media in electronic commerce.

Literature Review

Job Description

The duties of digital media marketing and advertising expert are to handle the fast data-driven processes available in the marketplace effectively. To achieve this, there is a need for an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to facilitate an effective strategy for digital marketing and advertising. Therefore, businesses involved in digital media marketing and advertising invest more in professionals in SEO. For instance, in the United States of America alone, enterprises budgeted 72 billion dollars on SEO. The amount is projected to increase by 79 billion dollars in the year 2020. Investment in SEO by enterprises ensure only highly skilled individuals are hired, as skills in the SEO is a prerequisite for the development of competent sales and advertising professionals (SAS, 2018).

The right tools facilitate an SEO professional to carry out their digital marketing duties. Some of the frequently used tools to cover the common needs include the Google PageSpeed Insights that is used to determine the user-friendliness and speed of the advertising site when used on various devices. The Moz Local Listing Score facilitates the digital marketer to view the online business dynamics, whereas the Google Analytics determines the search terms commonly used by the users to locate the web pages. Moreover, the Google Keyword Planner facilitates the determination of what online users frequently search for. The provides more than 700 keyword ideas whose basis is on single keywords. These sample SOE tools and many more others enable the determination of the effective strategy to be applied to the webpage may attract more traffic. Hence, these tools have to be available for the SOE professional to conduct effective digital marketing strategies.

History of Digital Media Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing and advertising were first coined during the 1990s. This was facilitated by the invention of the internet, leading to the web 1.0 platform being developed. The development of the World Wide Web enabled the global users to obtain the information needed at any time. However, since the web had not yet gained much popularity, the online marketers had not developed decisive ways of ensuring their products and services are marketed effectively (SAS, 2018).

The year 1993 experienced an improvement in digital marketing when the first clickable banner was made live on the web. HotWired purchased few of the clickable banners and used them in advertising (TAN, 2010). The improvement characterized a shift in the digital marketing era when 1994 saw the introduction of new technology to enhance the digital workplace. For instance, Yahoo was launched in the same year. Yahoo improved rapidly as it recorded 1 million hits from digital users.

1996 experienced the launch of additional search engines which include Alexa, HotBot, and LookSmart. Google was launched in the year 1998, and the same year witnessed the launch of MSN search engine, whereas, Yahoo introduced a web search in the market. The smaller search engines could not achieve a competitive advantage hence left behind, especially when the live search feature was integrated into the search engines and other features such as the Google AdSense. The year 2006 digital marketing and advertising recorded a peak never experienced before. Traffic associated with the search engines has rapidly increased to approximately 6.4 billion. Since then, there has been the production of various social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, among others (TAN, 2010).

Factors Determining Trends in the Digital Media Industry

The present dynamics in the digital media industry is as a result of the ever-changing customer behavior. The younger generation especially makes t difficult for digital marketers to determine their needs which are various and include timely access of uploaded content and should be readily available (Chan, 2012). Moreover, there exist factors which influence the digital media industry which include demography, ecosystem problems, and trends in the technological advancements.

Consumer behavior dictates how consumers demand their content be presented before them. Younger generation requires content from around the world and look for instant satisfaction from the digital marketing and advertising sites. Consumers are now aware of the marketing PR masquerading as quality content; hence content developers are to be mindful of what they upload. Demographic reports show the rapid growth of the middle-class society, for instance, 2009 recorded 1.8 billion people, and it is projected to grow to 4.9 billion by 2030 (World Economic Forum, 2018). Consequently, there is the demand for new digital marketing and advertising services which are more user-friendly. The digital ecosystem is characterized by various challenges, for instance, the mushrooming of many online startups which pose a competitive challenge for others. The improvement in technology has made people more connected; hence the digital media content developers have to keep up with the growing connections by uploading content to reach many people in time.

The future of digital marketing and advertising is 4.0. This framework provides a promising future for digital marketers as there is an expected increase in tools which will facilitate more web page visits. Moreover, there will be the production of more cohesive technology used in marketing and advertising (TAN, 2010).


The methodology of this study is based on the examination of theoretically peer-reviewed resources which are used as the primary sources during the entire research work. However, other secondary sources facilitated the study. The secondary sources included internet materials and websites.

Results Analysis and Discussion

Effective digital marketing translates into an enterprise's positive growth. Today, the improvement in networking technology has enabled digital media marketers to reach more people giving them information about what is in store for them. The following table (Model Summary) outlines the empirical data in sales engagement as a result of digital media marketing and advertising.

Model Percentage Increase

2000-2005 2006-2010 2011-2015

Customers Updated with services and Products 10 60 50

Comparison of the products in the market 5 60 40

24-hour shopping 5 50 60

Easy access to information about the product 10 70 70

From the above table, there has been rapid improvement in the development of digital media marketing and advertising as evidenced by the increased services offered to the consumers. The year 2006 registered a peak as it is then there was the introduction of many digital media marketing sites. Consequently, the improvement is expected in the subsequent years, which translates into the creation of more jobs.


Digital marketing and advertising department is an essential unit of any business organization determined to ensure visibility of their operations. Therefore, this job description requires a professional to conduct the digital operations which require certain skills to be successful. The future of digital marketing is promising as there are still research plans undergoing to improve the customer experience in the digital word, both for the benefit of the customer and the business entity.


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