Essay Example on Different Types of Abuse

Published: 2022-03-31
Essay Example on Different Types of Abuse
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Abuse is any bad treatment by one individual that would result in causing harm to another person. Various types of treatment would be classified as abuse such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, isolation, financial or material exploitation, abandonment, sexual abuse, and self-neglect (MacMillan et al, 2013). Abuse is an extensive subject that should make one attempt to find a solution to these factors; one might have to look at each type of abuse concisely. This paper aims to look at the different kinds of abuse and some of the factors that influence the propagators to be involved in the mistreatments.

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One of the most common types of abuse among people is physical abuse. This type of abuse is one that is inspired by the need to gain some dominance and in the results of people being abused. This type of abuse is one that is often accompanied by some emotional abuse and blackmail to make their victims feel helpless and have no hopes of ever leaving the abusive relationships. When the people that are involved in the physical abuse, are in an intimate relationship, they are known as domestic abuse or violence (MacMillan et al, 2013). Any deed that has the intention of harming the victim in either a way that can be seen or any other form such as threatening them and ultimately incapacitating them from leaving or fighting back is known as abuse. There are various types of physical abuse such as punching, kicking, slapping and even spitting on the victim. It is important to note that something as minute as spitting on a person is a move that would make one face the charges that have been set to curb the challenges of being a perpetrator of the acts of violence. In short, there needs not to have any proof of evidence as it is a move that will in most instances cause the perpetrator to face charges, and even be jailed.

Physical abuse in children can often be justified as a measure to discipline the kids, but there are some instances that one needs to look at the need for one to see when the instructor is abusive. This is especially in cases where research has established that there are better ways that can be used and discipline or the lesson that one wants to instill is taught. Looking for the indicators for any signs of physical abuse is easy as one is expected to look at the marks that one might have such as fractures or even bite marks. One might want to affirm that some of these marks are not accidental and that is why various researchers recommend that one should look for a pattern or any consistency in a potential victim. It is recommended that one reaches out to people who seem laid back and are jittery as they might have been threatened to fear (Fox et al, 2015). One might also look out for the behaviors that might not be considered normal. For instance, a victim might claim to have fallen down the stairs even when they have a swollen eye. Such claims are the ones that might indicate that they are being abused and that they are being intimidated to silence. Other behaviors that might indicate physical abuse, is when they suddenly appear withdrawn and have memory issues while given that they cannot concentrate.

There are various factors that might lead to people being subjected to physical abuse. Factors such as the incapacity to deal with stress on adults and their resultant behaviors are some of the factors that might cause the people to have some behavioral issues. Depression in the people that are supposed to be the caregivers or the instructors to the children is also a factor that might lead to one being abusive which could be a resultant effect of the people being not well trained.

Sexual abuse is one of the other things that are also some of the most common types of abuse among the people. Sexual abuse is anything that is not consensual and even inappropriate touching of people that are not in a position to stand for themselves (Fox et al, 2015). There are some indicators that would hint at a person that is being sexually abused. Such indicators include, having bruises or being sore around the genitals. There could also be a sign of torn or stained inner wears and in some extreme cases, there could be signs of sexually acquired infections. Sometimes depending on the context even being expectant could be a sign of sexual abuse in a person. It is hence important that one looks at the behavior of a person to determine the possibility of the person being sexually abused (Fox et al, 2015). Some people may become reluctant to want to do persona care and in some abuses that are traumatizing might regress to some behaviors that had long been suppressed such as bed-wetting or excessive frequents to baths as an effort to wash away the defilement that they feel they have. Another act that is in most cases likely to make the people feel as if they are not ready to talk about their abuses is when they suddenly are reluctant about removing clothes even to people that they would be in ordinary occasions be comfortable with.

There are some factors that would account for the surge in sexual abuse, especially among women. One of the factors that raise the risk factors among the women is alcohol and drug abuse such that it impairs the judgment of the person and in the end, they end up hurting people that they usually would not. Some fetishes such as the need to get intimate with minors would also encourage the kids to be exposed to sexual abuse, as they are driven by the innate need to look for the fulfillment of the sexual fantasy (Fox et al, 2015). One might also be influenced by their personality such as impulsive people who do not have a consideration about the future consequences of their actions. In addition, the people would be affected by the fact that some people are antisocial and the idea of being intimate is not a thing that will appeal to them in any way. Such assumptions are ones that will impede the people from being intimate, and they are the ones that will want to have such kind of sex among. This is because is one that is not only impersonal but is also one that is in line with the kind of feelings that they have (Fox et al, 2015). The kind of upbringing that one is exposed to, might also create an idea in the minds of the perpetrator that certain acts re conventional as they have grown up with a history of sexual and physical abuse.

The third type of abuse is emotional abuse that includes all types of deeds that will hurt a person. It is hence important that one looks at the examples that one might classify as being emotionally abusive. Acts such as unwilling confinement, isolation, embarrassment, and intimidation is a move that will in the result to a person's sense of worth reducing drastically which would include cases such as a sense of somebody's identity and dignity.

There are some signs that will show if a person is being abused emotionally include, frequent migraines, nausea, stomach upsets, dizziness, and stomach pains. The behavioral signs are however more particular as they are after that concerned with the mental and emotional development of the victim. The slowed developments in these two areas are often a sign that the person that is being addressed is one that could by chance be being emotionally abused (Fox et al, 2015). There are other signs that would sell out any person who is being emotionally being abused such as having a or interaction with family and friends. Attempts to escape from a place that is supposed to be a haven for the person, other people complaining of their aloofness and even some people might have some severe depression that would also be willing to commit suicide.

Some factors could contribute to the people being either the perpetrators or the victims of the emotional abuse such as; people with low self-esteem will often beat down others to try to see if they will feel any different. Alternatively, the people that are being abused might not be aware that their behavior is one that is amounting to mistreatment since they have been used to that kind of upbringing in their lives. In this sort of scenario, one might feel that it is time for them to reiterate since they were treated in a certain way when they were kids. Such feelings are the ones that make the people feel that they are not abusers, but they are somewhat the people that are out to seek revenge as they think it is affair move (Sperry and Cathy, 2014). Emotional abuse could also amount to the cyber bullying that has become rampant in the modern days as people become more expressive even on factors that might be sensitive to the other people.

Emotional abuse among children is one that is rampant especially when one combines with the fact that most of the caregivers that one entrusts them with their kids are not well trained. This is quality that will likely resort to the kids being abused as they do not have the know how to handle the kids. Such measures are hence the ones that will make emotional abuse in the UK to be so rampant and the subsequent cases of a lapse in the development of students' especially those that are still in the pre-verbal stages.

Another form of abuse that is common among preschool kids is neglect. This type of abuse is where the parents or the guardians forfeit their duty of taking care of their kids. This is a form of abuse that is hard to determine because it is a type of abuse, where the perpetrators are reluctant to do something as opposed to doing something to the kids as in the other cases (Sperry and Cathy, 2014). Neglect can be demonstrated in various ways as there are different types of neglect, they include, physical abandonment, educational neglect, and emotional neglect.

Physical neglect is the failure of the guardians to supply the necessary needs that the child needs for its comfort. It is important that both the caregivers and the guardians give an environment that is not only safe and clean but also one that is not likely to cause infections among the children. On the side of the guardians, the failure to provide the people with the appropriate educational system is a move that will allow them to be supported (Sperry and Cathy, 2014). Academic neglect is one that looks at the unwillingness of the parents to enroll the students to study and the measures that one is likely to take as they attempt to hide some conditions that the kid might have such as Down syndrome. If the parents hide the child from others because of such a state, then it means that they have been denied their right to access the education and special programs that they rightfully deserve (Sperry and Cathy, 2014). Academic neglect can also be comprised of allowing signs of truancy and for the parents allowing the kid to have the privilege to absent themselves from the school. The third type of neglect is the emotional neglect which as one would predict, involves the need for the kids to have emotional support such as being shown love and affection by their caregivers (Sperry and Cathy, 2014). The child's emotional needs are some of the priorities that one should look as they address the need for the kids to see the importance of their emotional wellbeing which is a necessity among humans.

There are some indicators that would show that a child is being neglected. One would work for instance; notice by the kind of clothing that is not suited for the weather. It is hence important that one notices the kind of clothing that is not suited to the weather. If for instance, one sees a kid is wearing clothes that are not suited to the weather, then that might be the indicator that they are facing physical neglect (Sperry and Cathy, 2014). If a child appears to be dirty and unkempt, then it is also an indicator of the fact that the child might be facing physical neglect. Another indicator is if the child shows that they have been neglected is if they show ob...

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