Different Collision Domains - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-27
Different Collision Domains - Free Essay Example
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There are different collision domains in the extended star topology network, as they are depended t on the number of computers and peripheral devices attached to the network. Each device presents it domain and hence the collision domains are attributed to what is connected to the central switch and the number of ports in the switch (Saloni, and Hegde, 2016).

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Ad hoc mode is also known to most connection users as peer to peer connection mode. It is basically made up of a wireless connection mode from different users that communicate on the same network platform (Demir, Tapparello, and Heinzelman, 2017). A central access point is not used in the Ad hoc connection approach as they the Ag Hoc node are known to communicate with each other in a more direct connectivity approach. A wireless adapter is required for every user of Ad hoc network user as the a common SSID is shared among the with a channel number. The Ad hoc network will entail a small device group that is located closely to each other. With the growth and increase of Ad Hoc nodes in the extended star topology network, there is reduced performance and hence this call for a gateway installation (Demir, Tapparello, and Heinzelman, 2017).

Challenge ThreeThe first reasoning is true as the Ethernet is known to have a maximum attenuation distance of only 100 meters. This is only 328 feet’s and hence cannot be considered as sufficient when considering the distance between the two offices which is 400 feet. This will render the ethernet connection as useless and hence required the installation of the twisted pair cables since it is known to lack the capacity to handle longer distance between two communication points. This will only then call for the installation of the fibre which may be a little bit expensive but will serve the purpose intended. Since the main objectives is to ensure transmission of data between the two offices, it then makes more sense to undertake additional cost and have a working solution as opposed to reduced spending without getting any form of solution. Solution three is also trues since the ground has the potential to cause RFI/EMI but may not serve the overall objective of the connection (Saloni, and Hegde, 2016).

Fibre optics increased cost is attributed to the different advantages associated with the connection type used. A lot of information can be shared at a single and continuous instance as it is able to reduce collusion of data packets being sent through it. Hence, the spend will be faster even large amount of data being sent. In the even of scaling up the office operation and hence more user are required to use the same channel; the fibre optics option will also be able to serve the surge in usage without undertaking extreme cost related measures. Fibre optics also ensure improved connectivity between the offices and the outside environment if need or future need develops (Saloni, and Hegde, 2016).

PART 2Topic One Three features that (inSSIDer) provide.

inSSIDer being a WI-FI analyser is quite effective in showing the active wireless network around a person. Information provided through insider includes MAC addresses access points, channels, signal strength, and the encryption type (Rula et al., 2018). The tool also supports 802.11ac as part of its WI-FI optimization capabilities. The tolls allow an individual to understand the interaction of their WIFI network with their neighbours’. The impact on an individual WIFI by a different neighbouring WIFI is also provided by the tool. Through the different analysis and information shared by insider, the tool is able to show an individual what is working well and what is not. Hence what needs to be improved and what needs to be fixed are easily identified and worked upon by network professionals. The features of insider also make it a diagnostic tool that can be used to pick point different WIFI issues to be resolved and to improves connectivity (Saloni, and Hegde, 2016). Through the understanding of the shared information, insider also helps in ensuring strong WIFI connectivity through illustrating the connectivity pitfalls to be avoided for stronger WIFI connectivity.

The approximate wireless networks did inSSIDer find

There were fourteen wireless network that were identified by insider during the initial scan with different information about the network being displayed by the tool. These were commonly shared and personal wireless connection from public spaces and some basic personal settings (Saloni, and Hegde, 2016).

The wireless channels that are the most heavily used

The most popular and commonly used WIFI channel frequency in the 2.4GHz spectrum are 1, 6 and 11. This can be based on the approach that these channels do not overlap each other and hence have a higher demand and when people are setting up their WIFI connections. This can also be attributed to the fact that most WIFI connection settings are based on automatic settings on the devices (Demir, Tapparello, and Heinzelman, 2017).

Topic Two Network Protocols

(You learned about network protocols. To prepare for this topic, do some search and write a summary explaining about)

The meaning of a network protocol?

A network protocols are commonly described as a collection of rules that used to determine the transmission of data between two or more devices but within a common network. In other words, the network protocols allow the communication of connected devices without considering the differences in terms of devices, designs, structure and even internal processes. In the current time, network protocols can be described to be the reason why people are able to communicate with each other all over the world irrespective of their different devices they use (Tomici et al, 2020). Network protocols are also considered to be a common language that different devices can use to communicate irrespective of their languages they use are set on. Network protocols allows Local area network and wide arear networks to function properly and communicate in the same language and work together to ensure connectivity is archived (Rula et al., 2018). Large process are broken down to some specific and small e process by the network protocol to ensure that different functions and tasks a re archived.

2. Summary of the needs and the uses

a. IP -Internet Protocol

Internet protocol is considered as a set of rules that are used for addressing and routing data packets to be able to travel through networks and get to their intended destination. The sharing of data that is transmitted through the internet is done through dividing the data into small bits that are referred as packets. Hence each packet that is transmitted need to be attached to an IP information to ensure that a router is able to send the numerous packets which should be reach the intended place before being joined together to make sense and share the information required (Rula et al., 2018)

b. FTP -File Transfer Protocol

FTP is considered to be a standard IP that is used to transmit data inform of files between two or more computers using a TCP/IP connection.

c. HTTP-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTP is a common protocol used in the distribution of information through systems. This protocol is used for the world wide web to ensure easy access of hypertext documents and links.

Topic Three Supporting a Small-Business networkThe tips that help you build the best network for a small business

A small business needs a network that can be used to ensure improved communication and also the automation of some processes with the aim of increasing efficiency (Tomici et al, 2020). To build a small business networks, the owners needs to identify the network needs from the business to ensure their establishment will only result to increasing efficiency but not just add extra cost to the business. These needs may include communications need, transfer of data from one individual to another, sharing of various business report and information through a personal and secure network platform, and even the sustainability of the networking solution. The user friendliness of the network solution should be critical to ensure improve performance when using the networking tool. Improved experience should foster the use of the network and may not require additional staff to be recruited to undertake the role of network coordinator or user (Iyer et al, 2016). A good networking tool for a...

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