Free Essay: Different Aspects of My Culture

Published: 2022-06-01
Free Essay: Different Aspects of My Culture
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While most countries are modernizing themselves into a secular society, there are some nations which have held on their traditions and culture hence making them unique and adorable. One of such countries is Saudi Arabia. The culture of Saudi is rich and has been influenced and shaped by its historical role, Islamic heritage, and Bedouin traditions. Unlike other countries, Saudi remains one of the homelands that has not only preserved its ancient culture but also practice it to date. The Saudi citizens have taken their traditions and values, customs, style of dress and even hospitality and adjusted them to the contemporary world. While there are a lot of things to admire in Saudi, dress codes and stand against homosexuality are some of the excellent potentials and pride to be a Saudi or simply living in Saudi Arabia

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Saudis' dress code makes them different from any other culture. They prefer the traditional clothes to the western way of dressing. The loose elegant traditional attires are applied for the kingdom's hot and back the Islamic model of modesty. According to the teachings, one of the most important aims of Islamic religion, which shapes Saudi, is reticence. It is in this context that women have to wear ubaya (a black cloak) and Shayla on their heads. On the other hand, men wear an ankle-length shirt which is known as Thawb and a ghutra on their heads.

Another important culture that I am proud of as a Saudi is how we value marriage hence severely punish homosexuality. It is important to note that Saudi Arabia is one the ten countries where homosexuality is punished by death. Islamic religion supports marriage between a man and a woman hence anything contrary to that oppose Islamic doctrines. Homosexuality is one of the most controversial topics in the world which has come as a result of western life. While most countries still debate to legalize it or not, Saudi Arabia has made it clear that it is prohibited in the country, a step that backs our heritage.

The aspect which makes me happy in dress code is that it preserves our culture, unlike other beliefs which have been eroded as a result of western values. Secondly, the dress code provides protection to people, especially ladies who sometimes may experience sexual harassment as a result of the way they dress. Most studies reveal that a high percentage of girls have been raped because their dress codes are tempting. On the other hand, the move to value marriage and oppose homosexuality is one the things that make me proud to be in Saudi Arabia. Homosexuality is against the doctrines of almost all regions hence by opposing it makes Saudi Arabia one of the countries that promote sanity and procreation in the society.

In conclusion, just like other cultures, Saudi has certain values which have been admired and make citizens proud to members of the country. While most nation's culture has been eroded as a result of western influence, Saudi is the few who have held on their way of living. One of such cultures that make me gratified is the dress code. People in this region decently dress in long and loose clothes depending on gender. Secondly, the country stands for procreation and the correct type of marriage hence condemn homosexuality with the ultimate punishment which is death.

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