Essay Sample: Diagnostic Assessment of a Patient with Down's Syndrome

Published: 2022-03-02
Essay Sample: Diagnostic Assessment of a Patient with Down's Syndrome
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The rationale for this is that the family physician was allowed to evaluate Todd face to face to know the nature of severity of his condition (Down's syndrome,) and the impact of his behavioral difficulties. This will help the physician in coming up with the best therapeutic recreation method to help Todd in his recovery process.

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Are you able to get in and out of bed?

Does your health condition now limit you from doing tough activities such as jogging?

The rationale for these questions is to know Todd's body ability system to function effectively during play and work. I will allow Todd to tell me whether he is facing difficulty in doing strenuous activities to identify the best Therapeutic Recreational treatment for him. .


Since the last three days, have you had difficulty in finding things you just had?

In the past one month, how frequently did you forget to carry out something you planned? The rationale for this question is to understand Todd's ability to study and function intellectually. Asking Todd question on his cognitive domain will help in understanding his ability to remember things. Through knowing this, the physician will be able to know where to begin on shaping Todd's cognitive abilities.


What is your relationship with your parents?

What is your relationship with your sibling?

The rationale for this question is to know Todd's ability to enjoy an important relationship with people in his environment. Knowing Todd's relationship with his close people will help in determining the family member of Todd's close friend who might assist during TR programs.


How often do you get angry when annoyed?

Are you able to control your anger?

The rationale for these questions is to find out Todd's ability to deal with his emotions comfortably and appropriately. This will enable the physician in determining best TR method that can be applied to help Todd take good control of his anger.


Dou you always find it comfortable playing with your friends?

The rationale for this question is to know if Todd can engage himself in meaningful activities which can positively contribute to his health.

I would discover answers to the set question by asking Todd open-ended question allowing him to give the best of his opinion of his condition. I would also give him answer options for instance, not at all, somewhat and very little to scale test his conditions.



Todd's home and centre environment evaluation is essential in this situation since the physician will be able to get the first family view and understand Todd's living situation at home. On the other hand, the physician will be able to experience Todd's home environment regarding his cultural and religious activities that might have a positive or negative impact on his health condition. Besides, the physician will be able to meet Todd's important family members who might not attend an office session and creating an opportunity to provide for intergenerational family therapy.


During on-site assessment visit to Todd's home, I would observe and ask a question about his culture and religion. Besides, l would want to meet his family members who did not participate in the official session to know Todd's relationship to his family and environment. The rationale for this is to discover Todd's weakness, strengths and illness.



Environmental reasons

The environment that Todd grew up in can have an impact on his behavioral pattern that defines his disruptive behavior disorder. For example, Todd might be coming from a chaotic environment making him behave aggressively. Risk factor for environmental reason is exposure to violence.

Genetic reasons

Todd might have family members who suffered disruptive behavior disorder which led him to become more susceptible to develop his condition. Risk factor for this is the family history of mental illness.

Physical reasons

Todd has frontal brain imbalances affecting the onset of his disruptive behavior disorder. The frontal lobe in the brain is responsible for controlling people emotions. Risk factor for this is being male and suffering from drug abuse.

Possible outcome of Todd participating in a TR program

The therapeutic recreational program will increase Todd ability to control his temper. He will have good social and emotional skills enabling him to control his affective feelings. On the other hand, TR participation will enable Todd to improve his mental, cognitive behavior by learning functionally and intellectually. Physical TR participation will enable Todd to have the ability of all his body system efficient and effective functioning. The program will enable the physician to determine Todd's strength, expectations and interests.



Solution oriented

Self control

Handling stress

Cognitive reasoning

Affective relationship solution to problem

managing actions

handling stress


controlling emotions Finding solution to problem

Ability to manage self action

Ability to manage stress

Ability to learn

Ability to control anger and emotions

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