Essay Example about the Development of Domestic Economic and Foreign Policy

Published: 2022-02-24
Essay Example about the Development of Domestic Economic and Foreign Policy
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The birth of the United States of America occurred just after the occurrence of American revolution. Before then, the land which would later be referred to as America had no policy; neither domestic economic nor foreign policy. However, the formation of America during the period of the aftermath of the revolution paved way for the development of the policies; the one that had the greatest impact was the foreign policy, which would allow the country to be in a position to recognize the global domain. However, this changed with the formation of the same. The development of the policies was however constituted of the regional interest of the country, with limited regard to the international aspects which would have some effects on the activities accomplished in the country in the global context. The Rise of Big Business, the resurgence of the "Gospel of Wealth" and the transformation from a rural to an urban society were the events that had the most impact on the united states as a rising nation.

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The rise of 'Big Business' in America occurred as a result of the negative perceptions that individuals towards the large corporations most of which contributed to the occurrence of unfair business practices. It served as a reference to a merger, which identified the initially existing small companies and incorporated them into the systems of the bigger ones. Due to the sufficient finance that was guaranteed for the event, it had a great influence on the policies, which emerged during the period in the United States. Many felt that the event had adequate power, which had an influential effect on the nature of the government and hence was nearly above any legislation in the country. The big business led to significant social unrest in the country with great reaction to the emerging labor unions . In spite of the hesitance of most Americans to embrace the surprise change, the event had a great impact on the economy of America. It occurred as a period in which the greatest American industrial revolution making big positive implications to the entrepreneurial premises in the country.

The late 19th century marked a great resurgence for the distribution of wealth to the whole society. The event was a form of response to the article, Gospel of Wealth, which was written by Andrew Carnegie in 1889. Carnegie, a Scottish was living in America in which he was one of the richest people and his wealth and the philosophy on the same was used to influence the whole America towards the management of capital. He was at the frontline of influencing the American society that the rich should use their wealth to promote the common good rather than using them for their benefit. The actual reaction an acceptance of the gospel came at his death when the people remembered that he had given out more than 905 of his wealth. It was, therefore, a challenge for the capitalists as people were to begin sharing their wealth to balance the nature of riches in the country. This promoted the whole nation since even the initially poor had some aspects of riches to claim following the fair distribution merging from the wealthy.

The United States experience a considerable level of transformation from a rural to an urban society from 1880 to1900. This manifested through dramatic growth of the cities in the United States, and the subsequent willingness of the Americans to settle in them, moving away from the rural places. Within just two decades, the American population in the cities rose by averagely 15 million. This was also contributed to by the foreign policy, which allowed the immigration from the outside world; people from other countries were settling in the urban centers. This led to approximately 40% loss of population from the township with the increased migration from the initial rural settlements. This helped to change the image of the cities due to the increase in the labor supply provided by the high population in the regions. Many developed and demonstrated the willingness of construction of suburbs extending the boundaries of the town. However, this also had a few negative implications including the population from different sources, which is a great enemy for environmental management; noise was the major noise pollutant in the cities with the advent and growth of industries. Nevertheless, the benefit of the migration was enough to support the growing American population.


The development of the policies in America marked the point in history where great events occurred in the country. The policies were associated with the rise of the concept of the big business, which is behind the origin of mergers where organizations come together under one management. Besides, the same period saw the distribution of wealth to create equality in capital. Finally, the other significant event was the high rate of rural-urban migration. The events, concerning the domestic and foreign policy, had a great impact on the rise of America.

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