Definition Essay Example: The Term Global Citizenship

Published: 2019-10-21
Definition Essay Example: The Term Global Citizenship
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The terms are used to describe persons who identify their own identities with the global community. This is essentially, above their identity of being a citizen of a specific nation or region. Such persons perceive their identity as one that transcends political or geographical boundaries. They also perceive the planetary human community as one, which is whole and interdependent. Today, global citizenship is a way of living that recognizes the world as a complex web of connections as well as interdependences. That is one in which individual choices and actions could have repercussions for all people, both locally and internationally.

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Characteristics of a Globally Competent Citizen

There are five key characteristics that can be manifested in a competent global citizen. First, the person exhibits cross-cultural sensitivity as well as adaptability (IDEAS, 2016). He/she carries global competencies at all times in his/her life. That means that his/her personal fulfilment and achievements remain in line with the aspects of global citizenship. Such a person communicates effectively in other languages and identifies himself/herself with cross-cultures. In addition, such a person understands international dimensions, in reference to the law, customs and religion. Finally, such a person possesses a diverse and knowledgeable view of the world.

Personal Rating as a Globally Competent Citizen

I would rate myself seven in a zero to ten rating score, in reference to being a globally competent person. This is because I always seek for information pertaining the major events happening in all parts of the world. I enjoy learning about diverse cultures and always identify myself with them via my mode of dressing. I have always enrolled in a foreign language class and occasionally socialize with foreigners studying in my school. I am also vocally active in supporting environmental protection movements via the internet, especially those focused on controlling the effects of global warming to the whole world.

Question 2#


In todays contemporary society, the aspect of the peer-to-peer economy has immensely revolutionized the way persons conduct businesses. This is with the invention of new monetary lending applications such as the micro-lending. Micro-lending, also called microcredits or microloans, are small loans offered by a single person or by a number of persons to borrowers for startups. In most cases, microloans are offered to persons living in third world nations, especially in countries where other traditional financing options are not available. The lenders attain interests from the loans once the startups start operating. Since such loans carry a high risk of payback forfeiture, lenders often command interest rates that are far above the ordinary market interest rates.

Advocating for A Group That Need a Loan

Marshall Moses is a twenty-five years old American, who is hardworking and with a passion for selling stamps. He started collecting exotic stamps by the age of ten. Over the years, he has built a large network of friends with other stamps enthusiasts situated in different parts of the world. His association with his friends was mainly sharing discussions on different types of stamps. Nevertheless, over the last three years, Moses has received five hundred purchase requests, from persons interested in purchasing some of his stamps.

Due to the increasing pressure to sell his collection, Moses has decided to start retailing some of his stamps to interested persons. Up to now, he has been using Facebook to advertise his stamps collection. However, he feels that his exotic stamps selling business would do better if he opened his own stamp retailing website. Since he lacks any web design knowledge, he has to outsource this work to a professional at a cost of $5000. He will also require an additional $1500 to obtain the necessary trading licensure requirements.

Moses is unable to raise this capital to start his business. He has approached several banks for a loan, but he has not been successful since he has no collateral and he is unemployed. His only option is to seek a micro-lending financing so that he can launch his business. He is confident that he can pay back the loan from his sales within the first three months. He is also okay with paying a high but reasonable interest rate on the borrowing. He is humbly appealing for any potential lender to give him the microloan within the next two weeks.

Question 3#

Economic Vote

The terms economic vote describes a political voting scenario where the voters are influenced by economic considerations when deciding the candidate to vote in office. There are several economic factors that could influence voters to make an economic vote. Such include wealth, currency inflation, national growth rate, taxation, interest rates on local borrowing and unemployment among others. Numerous voters will tend to favor a candidate whose manifesto addresses these national economic factors. Leaders, on the other hand, normally addresses their solutions to the issues affecting these economic factors as a key strategy in winning votes from the voters.

An Example of the Concept of Economic Vote

In a nation with a very high income taxation rate, two leaders could be vying for a political seat. Candidate A may propose to have the nations income tax reduced in favor of the general public, who may feel that the government is taking too much from their earnings. Candidate B may be motivating the public members to continue paying the high taxes, for the general economic improvement of the nation. In such a context, the intent of both leaders might be good for the targeted public. Nevertheless, the public will weigh the effect of taxation in reference to the manifestos stated by both leaders. In one instance, for example, the public may vote for the leader who is proposing for a reduction in taxation rates. That is if they feel that most of the voted public leaders responsible in driving development in the nation are involved in corrupt dealings with public funds attained through taxation.


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