Free Essay on A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry

Published: 2023-03-28
Free Essay on A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry
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Tyler Perry, known for his niches-like films regarding his iconic Madea character, has undeniably created his lane. Audiences and fans cannot deny the success of Perry but can judge him for his lack of professionalism regarding film combination. Critics have always roasted Perry for every movie he releases as most of his directorial moves and production styles are not of quality standards. Moreover, Perry's new release of A Fall from Grace is not different but has, however, qualified to be his first to debut on Netflix. The paper, therefore, is premised on an analysis of the movie A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry.

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A Fall from Grace is about a single, middle-aged black woman (Grace), who is being conned by a young and good-looking fellow who happens to be the son of (the accused) best friend (Sarah). Despite Grace's innocence and brokenness, she is being held for murdering her husband (Shannon), who is still alive. The case has been assigned to a new public defender to work out a plea deal, but the young lawyer is concerned that if Grace pleads guilty, justice may not be done. As narrated by Grace, she admitted fighting with Shannon as she was angry that he had mortgaged her house and found him cheating with another woman. Grace then hit Shannon's head with a bat and called Sarah to help her out with the situation. As Grace left the room, she returned and never found her husband's body. The action led the young lawyer to want to know more about the case.

The more she learned from Sarah, the more she hesitated to finish the plea agreement. As a result, the lawyer gathered the courage to challenge her boss and, thus, demanded a trial. According to the film, Perry tries to draw on how friends can be deceitful and envious and it is always the people close to you. The movie also features some new actors and actresses, as well as veterans including Tyler Perry himself. The film has captured everyone's attention talking about it as one of Tyler Perry's best production. So, I took some time off my busy schedule to watch the most talked-about movie this past weekend with my family. While watching the movie, I could not stop laughing because there were many flaws that I had noticed. I expected more attention to detail as well as standards. And, from the depiction, Tyler should have collaborated with other veteran directors and playwrights to improve on the quality and content.

One eye-catching theme portrayed in the film was a decisive character role in women; A cautionary tale about love at first sight and how resourceful, determined, and undervalued women can succeed. The movie reminded me of my mother, because of her determinations, she could always accomplish a lot, including her education. Also, from the film, there is a young female lawyer who develops confidence in herself and proves her worth powerfully. I can relate to the young lawyer's confidence because I had a similar situation with my boss. Everything he asked me to accomplish, I could always picture them from another perspective that would save cost and time.

Lastly, there is the plight of the female gender in the plot of the movie. For instance, Grace was fired for fraud from a bank without any investigation or claim file. Also, the money stolen by her husband was never reported to the appropriate authority for further investigation. Grace House was also remortgaged without her consent. The lawyer in the movie was also inexperienced and as such the court scene has lame, amateurish, and inaccurate legal proceedings. Grace was sent to prison without her husband's body found.


In as much as Perry tried to produce a good film, he could have asked for assistance from other legally perfect veterans and producers who could have improved the film's quality. The film also depicts the character of envious and deceitful close friends who are unhappy about someone's success as well as ways in which the friends try to make the person fail. Additionally, women are still regarded as weak people in society, as most of their complaints are never paid attention to. However, Perry has tried to oppose the belief by appointing a young female lawyer to support Grace and prove her innocence.

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