Education Essay Sample: Video and Readings Summary

Published: 2022-03-11
Education Essay Sample: Video and Readings Summary
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After watching the video from the NAFSA website, some of the concepts and ideologies have been learnt regarding future developments and education. One of the videos shows the University of Houston students collaborating in tourism class to determine the best recommendations and approaches that should be done to improve the learning interactions throughout the course, and future developments in schools. The video depicts the social changes that are innovated in most of the schools to bring a clear educational future through interactions and collaborations in schools. On the other video that shows the winner from La Trobe University, it has been learnt that several students can team up to make a change in schools. The video shows several students under the multinational partnership. Therefore, the videos have conveyed significant information regarding the development of education in future, partnership, and collaborations of several students in various universities.

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Regarding the readings, international education has been appraised mostly. Several students have discussed the significances of the international education and have come up with the recommendations that should be deliberated to ensure the future development of international education. The online readings have depict the primary considerations regarding the education and what the students from various universities should do in partnership educational unions.

However, much have been learned throughout the course. Therefore, I aspire to apply the learning in this course through engaging the different cultures and communities to escalate the research required in improving education. Additionally, I intend to influence the government to enact policies and standards that consider and prioritize for diverse education through improving the teaching process and population flexibility. The course helped me in applying communication skills as a research tool which is critical in the workplace. Interacting with different cultures resolves communication barriers.

I felt most engaged through the participation and involvement of the different communities through the interviews with other students in different faculties. Multinational partnership alongside, community collaboration helps in identifying the main challenges hindering international education and finding solutions. The teacher workshops create a sense of belonging and value for students through hosting of international student groups, festivals and cultural events and arranging for overseas trips.

However, what the course should do differently is that they should not only encompass the higher education only but rather all education levels. The research should consider the roots of education from primary and secondary education levels where learning commences. I, therefore, would recommend that the research in the learning and teaching curriculum involve all learners regardless of the education level.

According to British Council (2012), the growing economic world, alongside the change of demographic patterns seem to cause the biggest challenge in the advancement or progress of international education. Most governments in the modern world have realized the significance and benefits of education to economic development and national wealth. However, in my future vision of the development of international education is promising based on the fact that there is the realization of the importance and role community plays in the decision making at the local levels.


British Council (2012). The shape of things to come: Higher education, global trends and emerging opportunities to 2020. London: Author.

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