Charity - Definition Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-06
 Charity - Definition Essay Example
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Charity is the willingness to help those who are in need without any selfish motives. The people in need should not be relatives only, and a charitable person will help any man who is actually in need without having to look at where the person comes from. A selfish person does not understand what charity entails. They will only care for the people who are close to them. Some will be willing to donate an enormous amount of money to institutions in need, but a poor relative will not get any help from them. Their motives are ill, and they do the act with the intention of impressing other people but in reality, they do not have the heart to help. The kind of mentality that should be referred to as charitable should be that of a person who is loving and sympathizes with individuals who are needed

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The poor, especially dowagers and vagrants, and the wiped out and physically challenged are for the most part viewed as the best possible objects of philanthropy. To expound on this is that once you have nothing in the society chances are that you will most likely be despised. In a smooth running society, good Samaritans will always be at your hand to help in whichever way possible. Most types of philanthropy are worried about giving sustenance, water, apparel, and haven, and tending the evil. However, different activities might be executed as philanthropy: going to the detained or the homebound, endowments for poor ladies, recovering prisoners, teaching vagrants. The providers for charity are often in dilemma owing to the nature of those in need of help. Some go to the extent of selling what is meant to help them. Gifts to causes that advantage the heart-breaking in a roundabout way, for example, gifts to reserve growth exploration, are likewise philanthropy. Knowing this, the people that are considered as the donators are the individuals who don't require the prize of the impetus.

Charity is a respectable undertaking that a man can accomplish in his entire life. According to various religious convictions, the life on earth is only a passing period of an unceasing excursion towards salvation. The short time on this earth should be lived with a good purpose. For a few people, the real significance of life is the delight of giving (Anik et al. 5). They achieve this by taking part in acts of charity. This has been demonstrated among the Christians when they participate in visits to the orphanages and childrens home. They offer them with clothing, laundry, and food. This is often triggered by the virtue that blessed are those who give than those who receive.

In Islam, The most esteemed act of charity is to enlighten the lives of other people in an ideal way by sharing the knowledge one has (Ibrahim 113). Education plays a significant role in making people comprehend the world with its beauty, and its excellence and it separates people from all different elements and makes them the most superior. And this is the reason why, among Muslims, education is the most shared since the introduction of Islam

Charity can be in various forms. For the most part, the act of charity can be in the form of voluntary services provided by an individual or it can be monetary charity. Both money and volunteering are significant in their way depending on the circumstances and the needs catered for. Not each situation needs help in the form of money, but instead, manpower is key to get over with the current issue. For example, in the case of fire outbreaks or accidents, the person helping the victims and bringing them to a safe place will have shown the act of voluntary service charity. Another act of voluntary charity can be seen when one help emergency vehicles such as ambulances make their way through a blocked traffic as this act will help save a lot of lives. A charitable individual shows love to his fellow human beings and in times of distress the like to offer a helping hand. He is extremely delicate to the sentiments of other people. The sight of torment or hopelessness disturbs him, and he will put all the effort to alleviate the misery. He is profoundly moved at seeing homeless people, or casualties of common catastrophes, for example, floods and earthquakes.

In conclusion, for one to show charity, it does not matter how wealthy you are. Some have come to believe that billionaires are the only people entitled to offer this. Charity ranges from the simple actions that are ignorable but crucial. Dress a poor man and one will be remembered forever. Feeding the hungry and the poor is a role you can play. The ultimate goal is to bring a difference in a persons life. Giving is from the heart, and one is expected not to participate in charity acts for publicity or to boost one's commercial. Conceal your identity and you remain the best form of a donor (Damon and Verducci 183).

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