Free Essay Example on Athens of Greece

Published: 2017-08-06
Free Essay Example on Athens of Greece
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Athens is the heart of Greece. It is depicted as one of the oldest cities in the world, since it is made up of the 5th century BC landmarks, such as a hilltop citadel topped, the Acropolis, and the building such as the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The National Archaeological Museum together with the Acropolis Museum, preserves jewelry, vases, sculptures among others from Ancient Greece. The lifestyle of the ancient Athens is still studied today and their building structures and artifacts still being studied, also their works towards academics are still studied, evaluated and discussed in school until today. Ancient Athens influences of the world are still visible today in terms of social and cultural life as well as in the political aspects, this essay will discuss the in-depth major cultural achievements ancient Athens contributed to world history.

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They made best poetry, literature, and mythology. Over the past centuries, the ancient Athens has developed a brilliant literature that has never been equated nor surpassed. In literature, poetry, comedy and history, Greek writers, established masterpieces that are still read in academic fields, they have influenced, challenged, and inspired scholars even in the present day. The literature covers a longer period of time than that of the other Indo-European language. Examples of the ancients Athens play writers include Homer, Hesiod, Aesop, Menander, Euripides, Aeschylus, and many others.

They establish Olympics. The Olympic games were considered to be more significant in the ancient Greece since 776BC, it got into the height of their fame around the 5th and 6th century (BC). The Olympics had religious importance because of their dedication to Zeus, whose sculpture was erected at the Olympia. Athens was motivated by the ancient Olympic Games that were held in Olympia Greece that lasted between the 8th century (BC) to the 4th century (AD). IN 1894, the Baron Pierre de Coubertin initiated the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that led to the 1896 earliest modern Games held in Athens.

Invented the rules of Mathematics and Geometry. Alexandria Greek mathematician Euclid attributed to the mathematical system referred to as Euclidean geometry, and described it in his textbook on geometry, which included other theorems. While Thales established the Thales' Theorem May of the ancient scholar based their knowledge of numbers on Geometry, their studies have contributed to the world history.

A significant number of than ancient philosophies originated from the Greece's Athens; the philosophers at that time designed the art of Philosophy to pursue truth and wisdom. As one of the philosophers, Socrates stated, wisdom comes from acknowledging that he does not know what he does not know, and his acknowledgment that he does not know what awaits him in the afterlife leads him not to fear it. Other top philosophers include Anaximander, Pythagoras, Cercops and Alexicarates (school of Pythagorean), Plato (school of Academic), Anaxagoras (Pluralist), Anaximander (Milesian), Socrates (Socratic), Aristotle (Peripatetic) and many more others. The ideas and reasoning made by ancient Athens philosophers have made a significant contribution towards the modern life we live today because they are applied in the learning institution and applied on the technological inventions and modernizing of life. The Sophist's intellectuals are remembered for what they taught on different topics such as the rhetoric, a valuable Athens skill that is still celebrated even in the present times.

Constructed magnificent sculptures and structures, whereby they used columns to support the buildings as well as decorating them, some of the structures are like, temples, stadia, and theaters. One of the most focused monuments in the ancient Athens's Greek architecture is the Parthenon, found on the Acropolis Hills, it is also referred to as the sacred rock. It is distinguished as the Europes most surviving monument constructed during the Athens Classical period. The classical Athens use of wooden pillars finally transformed into Doric columns in stone. Cycladic architecture is also visible in Athens and visitors can see it in the small alley of Anafiotika. Other structures include the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Theatre of Dionysos, and Greek Parliament,


Athens has described as one of the earliest cities in the world as well as the place of cultural achievements before Christ was born. It has been nicknamed as the "Birthplace of Democracy" and "Cradle of Western Civilization". It is also known as the site of Aristotle's Lyceum and Plato's Academy. The Parthenon, of the ancient world, which is amongst the oldest architectural structures is still visited until today, and the monuments still survive even in modern day Athens. The Roman Empire even felt the impact of the ancient Athens culture. Athens is renown due to its world's greatest cultural monuments which are the lasting symbols of the Ancient Greek beauty. The rest of the past offers the visitors with the exciting insight into the rich history of the city. Thanks to the quick development in the archaeology field and the monument preservations.

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