Essay Sample Offering a Defensible Solution to Caffeine Consumption

Published: 2022-06-29
Essay Sample Offering a Defensible Solution to Caffeine Consumption
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The consumption of caffeine among healthy adults at moderate levels is essential. However, the excessive intake of caffeine has detrimental impacts on the consumers in the contemporary society. It is for this purpose as to why it is vital for the caffeine consumers to adopt the following defensible solutions to aid them in regulating the levels of caffeine that they take on a regular basis.

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It is critical for the consumers to the levels of their caffeine intake effectively. This can be done by ensuring that people do not overlook some sources of caffeine that they use. The most common sources of caffeine are soda and coffee. However, people need to acknowledge that energy drinks, chocolate, and gum also contain a significant portion of caffeine (Roberts, 2017). Consumers need to take stock of the source of their caffeine, the quantity that they consume, and the times of the day that they are most likely to consume it so as to scale down their levels of consumption amicably.

The process of withdrawing from caffeine consumption is often burdensome and has the potential of causing some symptoms like fatigue, lack of concentration, and pounding headache. It is for this purpose as to why the withdrawal process needs to be undertaken in a gradual way. One needs to start trying to mix caffeinated tea with decaf. Alternatively, it is also integral for one to progressively add water to the stuff that contains caffeine. Another vital solution to the problem of caffeine consumption would be to take an espresso shot as it normally contains half the level of caffeine than a cup of regular coffee. It assists in satisfying one's carving (Roberts, 2017). The aspect of consuming sugar-free hot chocolate that has less caffeine also aid in addressing the problem.

It is equally important for the caffeine users to start using coffee-like alternatives. Some of the most common alternatives that one can use include the caffeine-free herbal tea, and dandelion root coffee. These are beverages that normally have the richness of coffee and lack the caffeine content. The application of both black tea and green tea that has 40 milligrams of caffeine as compared to the cup of coffee that normally has up to 200 milligrams of caffeine are also better options.

Another defensible solution to the caffeine intake involves drinking lots of water. When one gets up in the morning, it is advisable to drink up to 8 ounces of water as opposed to talking either soda or coffee. The consumption of water helps in counteracting the desire that one has towards less healthy beverages that might contain caffeine among other ingredients (Weibel et al., 2018). Lastly, it is essential for caffeine consumers to make healthy swaps that would aid them to avoid taking beverages that are rich in caffeine. For instance, instead of heading to the soda machine every day, one can choose to start using the caffeine-free beverages like Sprite or even grabs berry-flavored carbonated water.

In conclusion, the excessive intakes of beverages that are rich in caffeine are harmful to the health of the consumers. However, adhering to the defensible mechanisms that have been listed in the paper would go a long towards controlling the problem of caffeine consumption among the consumers in the modern society. The focus should be on the mechanisms that will lead to the a long-term solution.


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