Letter to Parents. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-10-02 22:52:11
Letter to Parents. Essay Example.
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I know I have been your little kid since I was born. You have nursed me well since and sincerely from the bottom of my heart; I can say I was born lucky to have you as my parent. You are the best parents that anyone can dream of having. Since childhood, you guided me well. Today am turning sixteen and am happy to say to you in case you forgot; it is my birthday. Father, I remember when I was ten years old how you used to tell me baby boy, you are so bright, and I want you to work hard and be the best kid you can be to your parents. I have ever struggled never to forget those words. Those words have had a burning desire in my heart. They have shaped me in different ways and in particular, they have made me make the best and most important decisions in my life. With that, father and mother, I request you to please let me move out and stand on my own.

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My parent, I know this may surprise you, but I know you both have the best hearts to understand why am proposing this. If I may elaborate, moving out of the house will help me learn and make hard decisions in my life. It will help me become more responsible to you parents and also to my future family. At the moment, I have secured a job with Atlantic Foods, and therefore, you need not worry about my dependency on you. It is a time I move out and try to start my life. I always welcome your advice on whatever decisions I will make in life. In any case, you have forever given me the best advice that has molded me to being the individual I am currently. I will forever be grateful to have you in my life.

I know we have at some point disagreed on different matters. I know you never liked me working in a hotel, you only wanted me to study aviation and be a pilot, I promise you that that dream will be realized. But for now, please dear parent let me take this opportunity to start my dream life here. Where am working now may never be what I also wanted in this life, but I know and understand that one has to start at someplace in life. Where I am today, determine where I will be tomorrow. I have since childhood worked hard. I excelled in all that I did. I remember how proud you were when I always toped in my classes. And today, I promise to make you forever proud in what I do. This is the first step I have taken to achieve all that I have forever dreamt of having in my life.

Father, I know you are the sole provider of the family. You have struggled hard through this life to see me and my brother have the best that life can offer. Your salary wasnt that much big to make us reach where we are today, but you managed to give us the best of life. From today dad, I need you not to worry. Your son has taken after you, and I promise to follow forever the teachings that you accorded me. With the current job, I will be able to pay my rent and all the necessities that I require, and it will not be the case as it was when I was on campus where you used to pay everything for me. It is a time I help you with substituting the family income and make our family forever great.

I also remember what our mother also used to tell me, when you grow up, be like your father. Father, you were our family role model. I ever admired your enthusiasm to succeed. Today, your son follows you footsteps towards that path. I will forever make you happy. I remember when you told me that you will never let me leave your side until being eighteen, but today Dad, I request you to lessen that stand and let me out. As you know, you have taught me well. I have always followed your teaching and today, I ask you to let me be my lone teacher.

I remember the time you were sick and stayed in the hospital for one year. Do you know how we survived, father? I vended drinking water in the streets to make our family survive. My brother also sold bananas and sweets. With you absence, we were able to make our family persevere the hard times and also pay for your hospital bills. Father, I can manage on my own. You taught me well remember that.

With all that dear parents, I can say you were the best teacher I had in life. I know you will accept my proposal, and therefore, I seek to have you as regular visitors at my forthcoming new place. You will be the most welcomed life coaches that I had in life at home. Thank you for all that you have done for me and your continued support.

Your Son.

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