Free Essay: The Idea of God and Faith Transformation Throughout American History

Published: 2019-12-10
Free Essay: The Idea of God and Faith Transformation Throughout American History
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Religion is a way of life that is guided by beliefs. God is a supreme being that in all faiths is regarded as the all and above powerful being. To understand how Americans current balance in national law, community practice, and individual belief evolved over time one must first understand the standard practices, experiences, and patterns around religion and culture before the civil war. In the early years of American history, Christian religious groups played a vital role in the British colonies; they attempted to enforce strict laws and regulation regarding religious activities. Laws were created to ensure people visited religious centers and they were mandated to pay taxes to pay the ministers. Many of the British colonies had churches and those who practiced different versions of Christianity were persecuted. Although most colonies considered themselves Christians, it never meant that they were united, most of them argued that they already had religious activities set in place and their values needed to be protected from the foreigner's influence.

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The role of faith in Native Americans, Puritans, revolutionary times, transcendentalist thinkers and poets up through the civil war

Faith was characterized by the existence of many tribes which had different practices and values that were passed down through the generations by verbally, most of the values are similar to each other. Faith focused more on nature, physical characteristics of nature like the environment, landscape, animals, and plants were at the heart of beliefs. Many of the myths and legends were intended to explain the events that had occurred in nature. Religion included many practices, events, and ceremonies which were meant to honour some events that had happened earlier. Symbolism was majorly used primarily the use of animals to represent certain ideas, characteristics, and spirits, the symbolism of a raven described creation theories. All the beliefs worshiped an all-powerful, all knowing creator, and they also believed in lesser gods, including an evil god who was responsible for the death, disaster and suffering. The natives also believed in the immortality of the human soul and an afterlife, this was the main feature of human life that made earthly life secure and pleasant.

Example: in the red Indians traditions, they believed in nature, spirits and life after death. This is a perfect example of a community in the early western civilization that already had religious beliefs before the coming of the British.

How did the idea of God and the role of faith change?

Puritans alongside Christians missionaries tried to convert as many natives as they can, but most tribes were reluctant to change. They even developed the idea of threatening to kill those who did not convert. Some just turned to evade punishment imposed on them and this, in turn, angered Europeans. This led to many natives becoming alcohol lover, false converts and fighting wars over time. Some natives have, however incorporated some element of Christianity, therefore, creating another system of belief which was a mixture of the two systems. To accept Christianity, Native Americans had to make a major decision by comparing their beliefs with those of Christians. They came to know that Christian God is more of testimony and the power of faith displayed by the spread of Christianity putting into consideration many obstacles faced during the proliferation of the gospel. It was clear that their god was defeated that thus the most native accepted to be baptized to gain the favor of more superior God

Example: A good example can be derived from Spanish conquistador Hernando Cote's talk with the people of Tlaxcala where he forcefully converts many in the Christian faith.

How did the idea of God and faith shape the early American state of literature and society?

The positive influence of Christianity is definitive in today contemporary American society and the world as a whole. The Holy Bible is one of the greatest value to the body of literature; it has provided many ideas and thoughts for different writers to create knowledge for the rest of the world. Christian values, beliefs, and practices are highly ingrained in todays society; moral values, laws and regulation created by the state are based on the ten-commandments illustrated in the Bible. The liberty and justice enjoyed today in the western society may be attributed to the secular governments set, but it is the exact contrast the rights and freedoms enjoyed are as a result of Christian influence. History has revealed to us men who thought in their right were an authority and could obliterate the rights and freedoms of other people; the Bible provided the option that man was only liable to God, and the law is the same regardless of status. In the old Testament, the writer Hosea said," my people perish due to lack of knowledge a statement that can be used today for all those who would like to make themselves forget the past.

God and faith shape the in Slavery and civil war

Into the Slavery and civil war, the aspect of God and faith as taken serious and essential, since the Stonewallss death had various southern who were questioning their faith, wondering if God was supporting them or not during the war. The side soldiers used to pray during and after the battle and they also used to read their Bibles. This facilitated the troops to develop faith in their aim during the war.

God and faith shape the in The American Revolution

During this era, a lot of people were not quite aware of God and faith as well as the Judeo-Christian heritage.

God and faith shape the in The New England Renaissance

During this edge, many of the people were not aware of the existence of faith and God, but they were starting to learn more about God and religion the rest of their neighboring persons.

Example: in the speech in the Virginia convention written by Patrick Henry documented in the American revolution, he says the lack of freedom of debate is compared to slavery and shows that it is the way to best serve both country and God.


Finally, this essay was written to show the impact of Christianity to today's contemporary society. Christianity at first met a great challenge in the western society the British found society that was already created who believed in their values and laws, but soon people came to accept the existence of the great God. Values, beliefs, and practices that shape our lifestyle today are all attributed from the Bible, the reasoning that each and every man is equal to the other has created a foundation for the creation of the bill of rights. Christianity has added value to the body of literature by inspiring great modern day writers to compose an article, books, and journals that have high importance and wealth of knowledge. In conclusion, some of the characteristics of the native gods were similar to those spread of Christianity this is to show that values were the same but Christianity provided a religion that impacted everyone as a whole.

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