Free Essay with Advertisement Analysis: Transport Accident Commission

Published: 2019-11-05
Free Essay with Advertisement Analysis: Transport Accident Commission
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According to The federal Highway administration, it is rather evident that the rate and occurrence of accidents is on the rise in various states within United States. It is through this that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has teamed up with Transport Accident Commission to run an advertisement campaign to the public so as to create awareness of the various causes of accidents. An advertisement is a written, verbal or audio notice which is designed to attract public attention (Collins English Dictionary) Hence, the purpose of this document is to analyze one of the many advertisements that the Transport accident commission has come up with for the soul purpose of sensitization.

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According to this ad, reckless speeds, ecstasy and cannabis lead to accidents. The advertisement is generally a caption of rear plate numbers of various cars but in all the instances, the plate numbers are modified to drive the point home. The plates describe the different state of mind once the specific causative agent takes effect. In the first picture, it is rather evident that once a driver decides to drive on high speeds, the decision making abilities become very erratic hence the ease with which accidents can occur especially when faced with emergency situations. Thrilling speeds cause distractions and impaired visions. The underlying theme created is that different types of hard drugs are the main cause of an erratic mind.

In the second caption, the main theme is that usage of ecstasy causes motor vehicle fatalities. Ecstasy is an illegal amphetamine-based hard drug that causes euphoric feelings. In such a state, the mind is normally out of control. Being a stimulant pill, it speeds up uncoordinated messages between the brain and body. Eventually, the driver will become very delusional while on wheels. It causes difficulty in controlling the vehicle, risk taking tendencies, aggressive and dangerous driving and also drowsiness.

In the third image, the theme portrayed is that bhang causes paranoia. Being an illegal drug, it can cause depression resulting in mood swings, poor and minimal coordination, slower reaction times and information processing, confusion and changes in space perception. It also has hallucinogenic effects and slows message transmission between the body and brain. With such effects, chances of causing accidents increase.

Generally, the advertisement serves its purpose as it is very clear and the message displayed is very repetitive so as to drive the message home. Plates are chosen on this occasion to signify the various states the mind assumes while on drugs as it is the case with the different plate numbers of various states in America. The advert targets drivers and considering the colors, the message is very clear. Compared to normal plates, these ones have fewer wordings hence with the causing agent clearly displayed.

According to Anthony J, Scotti all drivers should avoid hard drugs or over dosage of medically prescribed drugs so as to avoid wanton road accidents. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs the vision of a driver hence can lead to the driver causing an accident. It also causes an adrenaline rush which makes drivers make hasty and very dangerous decisions. Drivers are encouraged that when they plan to drive whether for long or shorter distances, they should avoid taking drugs or alcohol.

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