Free Essay Customer Adaptation and Adaptation to New Technologies

Published: 2023-08-31
Free Essay Customer Adaptation and Adaptation to New Technologies
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The research on consumer preference and technological modernity preference. A population of 50 was randomly selected from cities and nations and interviewed on a semi-structured interview and the response to the results in the discussion below. On life and the surrounding of technology responded to human beings (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). From the hypothesis testing, and the qualitative data on the collection elaboration some of the results in the discussion on the finding, by the story crafting yielding design, the structuring of the possibilities of repertoire (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). I was analyzing and collecting qualitative data with the interpreting conclusions and interpreting findings.

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First, scrutiny of the over3/4 of the population in the young generation copping up with the modernity progress. The online consumers and the information on the rush to adapt to modernity (Chung, 2018). In education, marketing selling, new quick delivery social life, and many other dynamic life norms technology and modernity are being emphasized and preferred by many.

Secondly, the development of the ideally simultaneous identity in the retail channels of the cannibalization with no brand and the competitive variable brands. Further, the results on the consumers' adjustments and the preference to modernity (Chung, 2018). Online market due to the emphasis of world network coverage and the modernity of quick access to fast mobile information at hand using the mobile. The seller is quickly marketing their goods online and safe and fast transactions to purchase products from long distances rapidly (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). Consumers prefer modernity and technology to emphasize.

Inconclusive results and findings, Moreover, the heterogeneity of the consumers' search behavior and the loyalty to brand taking the best technological apple product having the most technological emphasis and the class and preference applicable to this and many people struggling to have it. The rustling finding is elaborating the choice of the online and specification of brandings and variety to a limited number of brands and specialize in quality for the loyal and the consumer in the emphasis of technological improvement (Burns, 2018). To articulate for highly loyal customers.

Lastly, examinations reveal that opening of modern stores for technological appliances and the dynamic online advancement helps in the 68 % increase of visitors and the demand on the nearing retailers to take preference for the particular emphasis. However, the 49% decrease in the visits of online after the modernity guys shift to follow the continuity of technological dynamicity (Burns, 2018). More ideally, with intoxicating effects on the customers hit in the market region of the decreasing weaker and the consumer more effective in the online channeling of the revenue (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). The resulting and the substantial corrections on the choice endogeneity on the new store and matching with different methods.

Finally, the estimation of continuous entry modeling the scrutiny of the technological advancement relationships and market evaluation understanding of the relationship with phenomena intriguing. However, despite the modernity of online consumer banking with a small number of reductions in the brick-and-mortar branches in the United States of America (Burns, 2018). The findings suggested that online advertisements with the provision of competitive significance (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). Being advantages to the more technological emphasis than the offline operating cost and increasing the consumer preference of technological mechanization


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