Free Paper: The Business Implementation Plan of Native America Culture Center

Published: 2022-05-31
Free Paper: The Business Implementation Plan of Native America Culture Center
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Physical and Technological Resources

The business implementation plan of the Native America Culture Center, (NACC) will be based on offering t-shirts. The Culture Center will be the physical resource and will host other physical resources in it too and will be located in such a place that it can be visited by tourists interested in the culture of all Native Americans ("Draw up the implementation plan," 2015). The cultural center is found in the northwest of the country had has exhibits, maps of the world, and many artifacts that would be used to create tribal histories and tell different stories on how the early settlers in the western world impacted on their way of life and culture. When the new brands of T-shirts are introduced, they will also form the physical resource of NACC. The technological resources will include the software, the intellectual properties, the copyright/ patent, the skills and experiences ("Develop the Business Process Plan and Strategy," 2000).

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To start with, the primary resources will come from the resources possessed by the company. The company will introduce the first finances to finance the new plan on t-shirts. However, since this new plan may require more money, then the company will take a loan to finance the plan. After the project has kicked in and started generating funds, then it will become a source of income and the funds generated from this project can be used to maintain the project and repay the loan accrued (Lasher, 2005). There are costs involved with this project which include development finance, construction finance, and contingency finance. For the start-up costs, the company will require buying software, printers, and a computer housing kiosk that can be used by customers to view the available t-shirts and also the various images of t-shirts available. The company will also need a website, and this will incur some costs. Some shelving units are necessary that can be used to shelve the various images to enable easier viewing. Internet connection for this project is very important thus the company needs to have a broadband internet connection. The other cost will include legal fees, cost of buying chairs, desks and office supplies (Lasher, 2005).

The t-shirt project has to achieve efficiency and in the best way reduce possible wastage of material. To achieve this, we have to use the inventory approach. In this case, the raw material purchase should be managed properly to ensure that all cost related to it are minimized. To enhance this, an inventory regulation software needs be implemented that can help record the orders, the inventory amount and sales to ensure that raw materials, opening stock and closing stocks are well accounted for ("Develop the Business Process Plan and Strategy," 2000). The inventory software will ensure that the project is easily accessible and that real-time data is in place thus ensuring the success of the t-shirt project.

Implementation Schedule


Seed and Development 5 days COO and other management A lot of market research needs to take place to ensure that the products to be sold are good and determine what the market will be. Adaptability will be key at this stage, and the management needs to tweak the products continuously based on the initial feedback from the market.

Startup of the Business 15days COO and other management There is a need for The management to prepare for the possible issues through contingency planning and ensure the organization claims and retains their customer trust to enhance growth In this stage, the survival of business is determined by how well it starts and will determine whether the business will grow.

Growth and Establishment 30 days COO and marketing department The business will be creating a constant source of revenue and consistently recruit new customers. There will be a delegation of activities to ensure smooth operations within the organization.

Expansion of the Business 6 months COO and marketing department The business is either growing or declining regarding sales revenue and market share. When the business is expanding, then maturity can be achieved in the long -run, and it can dominate the market.

Maturity and Possible Exit 6 months to 5 years COO and other Management A decision is made on whether to continue with further expansion or exit the market. At this stage, NACC has a high return on investment and a big market share.

The maturity level is fundamental in determining the next course of action and also important in maintaining the business operations in the market (Lasher, 2005).

Project Review Processes and Indicators of Success

The first review process for the project will involve forecasting on the product to generate a phase-out profile. The forecast should have a detailed analysis of all the future details of the project to be achieved, and the plan should be well detailed. In NACC case, the phase-out profile to be used for review shall have all the details to be undertaken from the purchase of raw material to when the t-shirts are delivered to the customers. Schedule and budget compliance during the project implementation period are the two indicators that will be used to measure success ("Develop the Business Process Plan and Strategy," 2000). Other indicators that will be used to supplement schedule and budget compliance will include the number and types of issues during the implementation period, and how efficiently these issues are addressed.

Intrapreneurship and Intangible Assets

Intrapreneurship comes to play in this t-shirt business because the Cultural Center does not depend on one person to do all the implementation. The chief of operations is the COO who heads the whole operation team, and they should thus be allowed to be as innovative as possible when determining the t-shirt products to provide. In the operations department are also the human resource, branding manager, planning and logistics that should aid the COO in making the best innovations on the new products (Lasher, 2005). Thus, the work they do will determine whether the project will survive the market or not and they are thus required to be individually innovative and also be innovative as a team. With proper operation management, then the project should run smoothly and efficiently without many hindrances.

Intangible assets are abstract ideas. High levels of protection should be provided on the business idea by having copyrights or patents, and any improvement was done on the project should also be protected from any external competition. The loyal clients should be given a right and commendation for associating with the t-shirt projects, and this enhances the future visibility of the project. By introducing the new t-shirts, the customers are given an opportunity to enjoy the diverse cultural experiences of the Native Americans ("Draw up the implementation plan," 2015). The new brand of t-shirts provided by NACC will help enhance cultural services in the organization, enhance other product performances, and also help the firm to be a competitor. For NACC to implement the new project, they must have a technical capacity to have their brand protected and also reduce the competitor's power.


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