Free Essay: Definition of Art and Art Techniques

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay: Definition of Art and Art Techniques
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Definition of Art and Importance

Art can be classically defined based on its original language meaning. Therefore, art originates from the word ars which is Latin for skill or craft. This simple definition has given way to more elaborate descriptions of art, such as those adopted in pre-reconnaissance period is and the definition that qualifies art to be the resulting product of a mass of knowledge obtained through the application of a specific set of skills.

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Therefore, the study of the application of skills unto generating a desired product of art must be of great importance to the artist involved. The importance of art can be observed in various manners of activities.Applied art is the foundation of all structural, pictorial and architectural designs. So vital is this part of art, that it has completely and literally transformed the lives of humans and all their activities. Applied art gives a face of appeal to an otherwise non-impressive piece of work.Art also serves as a major tool used by humans to express themselves and their feelings in a more desirable and clear manner. Therefore, the ability of a human being to appreciate art enhances their ability to express themselves in different ways.

The Oil Paint

Oil paint encompasses the pigment, thinner and binder elements which refer to color, an additive to ease application and career oil respectively. Oils such as linseed oils are more popular in the manufacture of oil paint since they dry by oxidation. The use of oil paints became mere popular in the 15th century through the tempera methods of painting that arose as a result of enhanced linseed oil refining techniques, coupled with the availability of new volatile solvents and color pigments.The most popular method, the Tempera, employed the use of a water and egg yolk emulsion mixed with some glue and milk or honey. This method was effective due to the ability of its paints to last longer and resist deteriorations. The method, however, was time-consuming and very deep coloration could not be attained with the method as compared to other initial oil paintings.

Perspectival Techniques in Art

Art perspectival refers to a personal perception of a specific piece of artwork based on their own observation, as compared to the use of preset mechanical techniques. During the period running until the onset of the 19th century, Linear perspective was dominant in the Western painting industry. The perspective was vital to presentations by engineers, especially architects, by having a sneak into the end product at the beginning of the design. Thanks to Paul Cezannes removal of the popularly preferred Renaissance picture space, all the Cubists together with the twentieth -century fellows, abolished their preference for the 3-dimensional space. This entirely rendered the of the linear perspective void.Another perspective that was adopted and was considered more effective was the Aerial Perspective. The perspective, preferably used by the European and Chinese painters had distinct principles to that of linear perspective. The method was used to create a great depth illusion through the modulation of a paintings tone and color.

Differences between High Renaissance and Mannerisms

Renaissance and Mannerism refer to periods in the history of art and related fields with the former coming earlier. Whereas Renaissance signifies a period of rebirth of order proportion balance and symmetry in artworks, where artists learn nature through classical antiquity models; Mannerisms signify rather a style and manner of reactions toward the effects of renaissance through which artists observe high renaissance masters' models. The artwork in the Renaissance period is in a closed and orderly form; consolidated and harmonious. On the other hand, the art in the mannerism period is in an open,disjointed and ambiguous form and conflicts with the frame parts.

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