Free Paper with a Critical Event Reflection - Performance during the Clinical Practice

Published: 2022-03-02
Free Paper with a Critical Event Reflection - Performance during the Clinical Practice
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Analyze your performance during the clinical practice of any nature (i.e., assignment, benchmark assignment, internship activity). For all field experience assignments and at least once a week during completion of professional skill development activities in a clinical internship, analyze the/a critical event. Complete and submit all sections of the Critical Event Reflection. Your course instructor will apply a rubric to this record as a means of assessing your professional skill and dispositional development, and you and your peers will use one another's responses as the basis for weekly discussion in the class forum.

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What were the setting and circumstances of the critical event? (Describe any precipitating events; identify the social structures at play; and articulate any other essential contextual information.)

I was very lucky to interview the deputy superintendent of our school district who agreed on my short notice to discuss with her. She had been the deputy superintendent in the district for over five years, and she has a lot of information on all the schools. Before her appointment as a deputy superintendent, she was a member of District Leadership Team (DLT) that used to advise the superintendent and worked closely with school principals.

What occurred, and what choices were made?

(Make a bulleted list, third-person perspective)

We discussed on changing the existing teacher's placement process in the district to incorporate new strategies that will help the district hire and place the best-qualified teachers in their field

We agreed that it is important to engage all the stakeholders before we embark on changing the process.

It was noted that the school principal being the leader of academics in school is directly affected by placement process especially when teachers leave or retire without prior notification to the school. What were you thinking and feeling?

(Make a matching list, first-person perspective)

I felt I have engaged a very senior person regarding district education leadership.

I had a feeling that although it was better to engage all stakeholders, the process will take longer. It would be better to pick few representatives from all sectors

I thought it was better to hear the views of the deputy superintendent on the teacher's placement process. She said that teachers placement within the district is not in full conformity with law may be because many principles don't read the guiding policies.

Reflect on what the event means to you in the context of your research base. (Cite author, year.) What do you understand more clearly about whether or not the chosen actions reflected best practice?

The interview supports the fact that placement process in schools does not completely follow the set rules. According to Elementary and Secondary Education Act, highly qualified and experienced teachers should be distributed equally among all the needy students within the district (Ellen & Jane, 2009). Unfortunately, poor and minority students in this district are lacking such qualified and experienced teachers. This implies that there is no adherence to the law during placement of teachers within the district.

Consider the implications these insights have for your practice. In other words, what change(s) would be reflected in your disposition and your work, based on how you now anticipate thinking and acting?

I've always thought that teachers' placement process is just done anyhow. However, I learned that there are rules and guidelines that I will have to follow as a leader if I have to make a placement. I also learned it is important to create incentives for earlier retirement and transfer notification that will help me get an opportunity for earlier hiring in case of retirement or transfer.

Aligned leadership skills and professional dispositions reflected and warranted in this event.

(Briefly indicate the rationale for each alignment, including those not reflected, but warranted.)

The interview focused on teachers' placement process and whether it is in line with the guiding laws. Therefore, the professional dispositions reflected in this case is fairness and consultative. The leader responsible for placement must do so with fairness as the district and state laws dictate. Also, the leader must consult all stakeholders including community so they can feel part of the school.

Evidence/Artifacts that align with school vision and mission. (List, describe and briefly indicate the rationale for each item. In cases where alignment is problematic, briefly discuss how evidence/artifacts do not support fulfillment of vision and mission.)

Our school mission is "to develop the intellectual, physical and emotional capacities for our students" where our students are trained effectively to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally especially when dealing with life issues or when they become leaders. Little alignment can be observed in our mission. However, the school will develop policies that will align all our efforts to the goals.


I found the discussion topic very fascinating especially because it came when there were several complaints from schools within the district that teachers placement processes was not done well. The review of the process will help me as a leader to align with the set laws when doing a placement in my school.

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