Personal Work Goals Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-07
Personal Work Goals Essay Samples
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Psychological trigger

The words ‘you are fired’, are some of the most dreaded within the work environment and for good reason. It has a psychological trigger with self-worth, ability to cope within a competitive industry and feelings of happiness. The typical individual will be at a loss concerning their sense of direction and in some extreme cases, it has led to suicide. Employment is considered to be more important in some settings to marriage and religion because it controls the livelihood of the person and whether they will be able to maintain how they exist. For another percentage of the population, it has significant ties to the socio-economic class and is the main anchor for self-esteem in the individual. From these themes, numerous theories of maintaining and improving one’s station at work have resulted. As such, there are some ways that one can avoid getting canned, figuratively speaking.

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The first thing that one should understand is that no man is an island. This works in two ways. For one, the individual does not know where they will be in five minutes up to years within the firm and so, it is not wise to burn any bridge because moving parts may have an adversary in a position of power within a short or significant period. It may also lead to a pairing with one when the time is fraught with firings over performance. The other factor is that of the workplace environment. As a rule of nature, the people who are likable tend to be the ones who are not picked on when times are tough. Employees who are liked by everyone are an asset and hard to dismiss even if they are not as competent at their work. This can also be a camouflage as it would be double trouble for the individual who is bad at their work and also a grouch.

Positive feedback at work

The next thing would be to solicit continuous feedback from the right people. When one gets ratings from bosses, customers, and even co-workers, they maintain a high standing mentally within these people. These are helpful especially when performance reviews are up considering the supervisors may refer to them from time to time.

Another thing would be to practice damage control. In public relations, it is very significant not to damage perception on ability and intent. As such, it would be advisable to apologize for mistakes immediately but without overdoing it. It is advisable to make amends and maintain the right image, especially with employers so that they are reassured on the level of commitment in the worker. It is also wise to assume that colleagues are advertising themselves to the supervisors and managers. In the same spirit, it would not hurt for one to take opportunities to subtly show levels of confidence or milestones that one has achieved. Overall, public relations and hard work are at the base of a healthy relationship with employees and clients. Once this is done, the rest will fall into place both socially and professionally.

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