Business Environmental Appraisal, Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-05
Business Environmental Appraisal, Essay Example
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Putting up mega structures needs proper planning, and all aspects of the construction should be put into consideration due to the huge capital employed (Lerche and Paleologos, 2001). Policy and project appraisals are always based on the economic values of the social as well as the environmental costs and the benefits. Environmental appraisal for the mega projects is always vital as it is a representation of the decisions to be made when putting up a mega project. Brazil is focused on hosting the 2016 Olympics, and it has been renovating and putting up mega structures such as the stadiums. Brazil has had to endure challenges so as to meet the expectations of all the parties concerned. Huge capital has been injected into the preparations and for this reason alone Brazil is expected to deliver.

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Business Environmental Appraisal is important when planning for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The organizers of the 2016 games have come up with sustainability criteria through the inclusion of principles such as transparency and integrity as well as responsibility. In the year 2008, Rio formed an environmental committee to oversee nine environmental issues among them being environmental awareness, solid waste management, biodiversity as well as the culture of others. The committee plan was to lessen the impact all the developments taking place will have the environmental footprint (Rio, 2015). The complexity of the construction and developments taking place will exert pressure on accommodation, water consumption, public transport and safety as well as the demand for energy.

With all the developments affecting the environment, sustainability needs to be put into consideration. The event should be organized in such a way that it reduces the environmental footprint after the preparation of the event. The committee ought to leave behind practices that are sustainable in the transport, construction, waste management as well as environmental restoration.

The aim of the business environment appraisal is to add value to the project. The appraisal ought to consider some key values such as the internal costs, internal benefits as well as the external impacts. As the portfolio program officer, I would recommend the use of PESTE Porters Five Forces framework to analyze the external environment. These forces include political factors. The political environment can affect the developments and planning of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games. This is simply because the government and politicians may have interests in some of the projects. Economical is another force that can be used to appraise the external business environment (Asbury and Ashwell, 2007). The economic environment will involve factors such as the economic policies of a country, the countrys annual budget, and infrastructure factors such as banks as well as the economic stage the country is at.

The social factors should also be put into consideration when doing the business environment appraisal. The Rio committee should put into consideration the effects the planning and organization will have on the social and cultural lives of the people of Brazil. The planning should ensure that there are enough environmental footprints left after the event. Technology is another factor. This should be a top priority in that for the event to be successful the country ought to upgrade their technology. This comes regarding technology that will be used for security, for the screening of the games among others. Lastly, the ecological factors ought to be considered (Ofungwu, 2014). These factors include pollution during constructions of the stadiums and also traffic congestions when the roads are being constructed. Another appraisal tool that can be used is the SWOT analysis. This will fully analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats the planning will have in Brazil. This appraisal will help in minimizing the risks.


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