Personalized Healthcare. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2022-12-06
Personalized Healthcare. Free Essay Example.
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In the new personalized healthcare, the best clinical practice guidelines would be considered to be significant tools that improve the cost and quality of healthcare. They are a part of the basis of high-value care delivery, which transforms some substantial evidence into useful patient care. While it is clear that clinical practice guidelines would support the implementation of evidence, there is still a lack of existence of achievements that are close to the maximum potential (Chawla, 2013). Clinical best-practice guidelines can hardly exist since they are poorly developed and ineffectively implemented.

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The best research designs to study cause-effect relationships in healthcare are; the Quasi-experimental designs which scrutinize cause and effect relationships between or among dependent and independent variables and the true-experimental designs which diagnose cause and effect relationships between dependent and independent variables under highly contained conditions.

Randomized control trials will still be the golden standards when clinicians can come up with medications and treatments that are specific to an individual's genomic markers; this is because the credibility and clinical service of a genomic biomarker need to be approved in the conditions of clinical scrutiny (Chawla, 2013). Randomized control trials are a gold standard for assessing the clinical practicality of the biomarker itself or a modern treatment that is interrelated with the assistance of the biomarker. Lately, biomarker-based designs of randomized clinical trials have been put foward and applied.

In a world where there is a focus on the genetic composition of an individual in terms of their recovery and treatment, the profession of nursing will require a fundamental rethinking of their roles. If this opportunity is capitalized, regulations, cultural barriers, and constraints of outdated policies will be lifted especially for advanced practice registered nurses. For nursing practice to support this refocus on client care, there will be a need develop innovative and high-value solutions that will be sustainable and easily adopted to different circumstances (Andreu-Perez et al., 2015). Policy makers will need to remove the barriers that prevent nurses from practicing their training and education. Nurses will need to reflect upon exercising their training and education to their full extent, so that more patients may benefit. Patient care will need to be extended beyond the scope of nurse's skills, training, and education.

I think personalized healthcare will exist. Much progress has been noticed in some areas including; genomic projects, personal genetic testing, and the evolution of conventional medicine. For instance, improvement has been seen in the molecular diagnosis of breast cancer based on molecules such as ribonucleic acid and hormone receptors (Andreu-Perez et al., 2015). Conventional medicine is being evolutional, especially with pressure from the public for the government to provide safer medications.


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