Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Process in This Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2019-06-04
Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Process in This Free Essay for Everyone
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Organizations, individuals and even teams do not align themselves uniformly when it comes to the style of creative problem solving. In managing these styles by leaders is critical and may have a dire effect on the performance of an organization. Effective managers or leaders of the twenty first century will try hard to integrate individuals at all levels of operations and their respective teams in coordinating and integrating the various styles that assist the organization in its drive to change its process or functioning using the applied creativity models that encompasses continuously discovering, problem definition, problem solving and lastly the process of implementing the new found solutions. Be it the administrators, managers or leaders, should appreciate different preferences that arises from individuals and even organization teams in the course of assorted stages that enables and encourages all those involved in the process of creativity to bring ideas together and share them in an innovative way.

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All organizations are keen to embrace group creativity. In most recent years, the human resource managers have been targeting a work force that is of skills that cover up its short supply in basic academic papers, writing and even computation. They human resource managers are keen in tapping and recruiting candidates who are rich of skills in personal management, problem solving, can conceptualize and execute ideas, good interpersonal skills, organized and have thoughts which are verbalized in resolving conflicts and team work is all they can embrace.

As for every manager tries to use all the available creativity and innovative techniques in solving their problems, Phantom Transporter too gets hold of the Applied Creativity and innovation model in implementing these skills in the update of its new technology in the work place. Phantom transporter is a transport and parcels delivery firm. It provides cargo transportation services and parcels delivery within the country. The company aims at providing quality services to its clients, in efficient and effective ways. The need for updating the use of new technology within the organization is informed by the mission of the firm to its clients. An improvement of technology will see improved and quality of services to the customers. The need to improve handling of customers service through improving the traditional technology used in handling goods and services will not only ensure that are delivered in good quality but will ensure that the firm is at the front line in the provision of quality services to the clients. With improved services to the clientele, it will not only translate to more clients as referrals from satisfied customers will be made but also will form a basis for scale-up the firms activities to other regions.

This report aims to give the justification for the need for a technological overhaul in handling goods and services at Phantom transporters. This would not give the firm a competitive edge over its competitors but will ensure that the customers are a satisfied lot. Through the installation of machines to help in handling and loading of small parcels, time wastage and breakage of goods will also be minimized as machines will replace the human labor.

The employees that work in the goods and parcels department will be trained in the technological knowhow of handling the new machines. Need for the re-absorption of workers who will be rendered jobless by the introduction of new machines is paramount. The employees need to be also retrained to fit in the work requirements of the work in respective departments that they would be reassigned to.

Technological situation in handling good and services at Phantom transporters

Phantom transporters use the technological application in offering services to its clients. The technological usage in various departments within the organization varies, with some department utilizing the modern technology. Modern technology usage in the finance department has seen efficiency use and tracking of the cash flow system. The installation of the computerized monetary system has had a significant impact on the management of finance in the organization. The need for the technological advancement in another department is informed by the success registered installing the new technological system in the finance department. Other departments, especially those at the epicenter of ensuring maximum client satisfaction need to improve on the technological power to ensure better service delivery. Departments including the cargo and goods handling and distribution department need to embrace new technology to improve on the provision of services. Service delivery is the core focus of any business organization; Phantom transporters need to have a satisfied clientele, therefore, calls for the adoption of new technology that is key to enhancing service delivery.

Technological advancement in the handling of cargos and services will not only ensure the better quality of goods provided but will also increase the confidence the customers have in the company. The distribution department has a mandate of ensuring that cargos and parcels are delivered well and in shape to the client. The service the department offers includes, proper handling of good during transportation, maintaining the cargo and packages to their originality. The packaging of the goods in a well presentable way to the customer liking also ensure.

The key link that the distribution department plays is paramount in ensuring that Phantom transporters meet its mission of satisfactorily serving client. With a satisfied client base, the firm can remain afloat and continues to offer services to its customers.

Application of technology in the distribution department is currently low. Use of old slowly efficient machinery has seen the low delivery of services. Man power is highly utilized in this department in loading and offloading parcels and goods. Poor handling of goods by the human is mostly based on lack of enough equipment that can ensure proper handling. Poor utilization of technological advancement that ensures that cargo and parcels are handled in a proper and better manner. Poor handling of cargo has resulted in the loss, destruction and sometime misappropriation of goods greatly inconveniencing the customer and sometimes making the organization incur a lot regarding expenses. The need for replacing the misappropriated and sometimes the destructed cargos and parcels; not only wastes time and other resources for the organization but also inconveniences the customer to a larger extend as they are delayed in the process. The resultant is a dissatisfaction of customers, who easily negatively market the organizations firm.

The need for overhauling the technology of the distribution department is informed by the need to raise the bar regarding customer satisfaction. The streamlining of the department by putting in place necessary technological developments will see an effective change in service delivery, hence an achievement regarding ensuring customer satisfaction.

Starting challenge

Phantom transporters have been having a challenge in customer service delivery that has lead to decline in sales. The challenge of poor customer relation has been ongoing for a long period hence affecting the sales of the organization as most customers had to shy away from the companys services and seek elsewhere. Poor customer service delivery is attributed to the outdated technology the company has been using since time immemorial that lacks a database of customer contacts that will follow up after sale services and for review services.

- Other perspective of looking at this challenge is through;

- Lack of employee skills in the use of technology in serving of the clients

- Resistance from the staff to embrace new technology, for fear of a possibility being replaced by technology

- Lack of coordination between major departments involved in handling of customer

- The services of the company is not appreciated by most of our customers due to lack after sale services

- Lack of databases that stores the customers contacts

The lack of database that contains and stores the customers contacts cannot be achieved due to high cost of installation that may reap away the companys meager profits, lack of personnel to run, monitor and maintain the database and lastly, the company lacks that prospects of coming up with the customer database.

Focus statement

The Phantom Transporters is to develop and generate critical strategies and ideas to get hold of its customers and attract more through a coordination of all departments, creating awareness for all employs to embrace technology and trying to create a point for all its customers to appreciate its services that it offers to them.

Exploration and Idea generation

In organizations, the exploration and idea generation is major to all its mandate of serving its customers. Creativity otherwise, requires that a shift in terms of perception and its thinking tools of creativity will assist in its process of idea generation. I dear can be achieved from scratch or nothing and be used to re-organize the companys operation and even enhance its productivity. Through problem solving and creative innovation when coming up with idea generation skills involves the following; brainstorming rules, random association and finally concept extraction.


- Networking all the interfaces of all departments dealing with customers so as to enable quick access of information of all these departments

- Doing an overhaul of all the computers that are being used currently with new ones

- Training all employees on the use of the new technology

- Manually creating customer databases containing all their contacts

From the brainstorming that all the employees had with regard to the tackling and coming up with the creative and innovative skills of problem solving, an overhaul of all the current systems of technology that Phantom Transporters is using needs to be changed and new ones bought. Also, it will be prudent to educate and train all the staff on the importance of embracing technology and making them learns how to use and operate the new intended technology that will be taking on after the current overhaul. By doing all o these, our customers will be served better by all departments which are all networked and using one server. All employees will be at a position to deliver on sales with the manual customer created database containing their contacts hence following up after sale service.

Random association

- Random association basically entails on making a connection that is of focus and its correspondence number, hence, enabling Phantom Transporters in a fresh generation of ideas that will be of use.

- Doing an overhaul of all the computers that are being used currently with new ones

- Training all employees on the use of the new technology

Through the technique of random association that was also tried and practiced, training of employees was picked out of the rest that included an overhaul of the technology system that is being used currently with the Phantom Transporters. If all employees are given the tools of work which basically are new trends of technology, they stand at a better chance to serve the customers better that even the entire overhaul of the system Phantom Transporters. Through educating them, these boost their morale of work since all of them are conversant with the use o new technological trend that is being practiced and used in the company resulting to serving the customers in the best way possible, thus, delivering our core mandate of customer delivery motto and vision.

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