Free Report on Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict: A Case Study and Prevention Strategies

Published: 2024-01-04
Free Report on Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict: A Case Study and Prevention Strategies
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Workplace Experience on Stress and Conflict

It is fundamental to identify the causes and ways of controlling stress and conflict in every workplace. Unclear issues create boundaries that result in stress and conflict among workers or from workers to clients. Stress and conflict arise from noble contradictions of performance (Occupational Health Jobs, 2019). These issues can be interpersonal or on the organizational level. Systems, roles, and regulation confrontation are significant sources of conflict at work (Higazee, 2015). Intergroup and competitive conflicts have a common link of opportunities, resources, and quarrels of working ethics. Role boundaries, the scope of work, responsibility, and role management are dominant at work, but the norm often becomes a habit (Occupational Health Jobs, 2019). If a change is not introduced, a flawed communication system that affects the workers divisively may be experienced (Higazee, 2015). Through poor communication, workers will have an issue with the working system or among themselves. The unidentified change will create some discomfort in working places where conflict energy arises (Higazee, 2015). Personal life is affected by duty, and this is the cause of stress. It is worth noting stress has the potential to negative working effect and not confuse other norms like anxiety, personal cravings, and moods with stress (Higazee, 2015). The current study focuses on the need for proactive and preventative strategies to face stress and conflict. In this breakdown, the effects of stress are discussed as short-term and long-term issues as they are a wide range. The key factors of stress are job demands, role ambiguity, an underpinning factor, and organizational change. The best way to tackle the stress and conflict issue is through Occupational Health (OH) safety and ethics.

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Case Scenario

My workmate, let's call her Maureen, is at work when an OH officer examines her. Three months before, the same officer had examined Maureen for a short-term absence in the workplace; the habit had persisted. Maureen would get to work at 10 am while her shift begins at 8 am. At work, Maureen keeps quiet and is sometimes rude to the doctor if any mistake is presented for remedy. The relationship between Maureen and the after-lunch shift doctor is poor. The doctor calls Maureen to issue her with some assignments at an incident, but the call is not answered. Entering her office, the doctor finds Maureen asleep, where Maureen gives a personal limiting excuse about a headache and body weakness as she had not taken any meal that day. The doctor reacts by reporting to the head manager that a nurse is disobeying him. Maureen notices the doctor's response and bangs into the doctor's office, where she starts a fight with the doctor. It is this reason that attracts the OH officer to the hospital.

In remedying the situation, work ethics, Maureen's state, and the conflict scenario are revisited for strategizing on much more conflict or continued confrontations. In remedy, the cause of Maureen's stressful behavior is first identified as a family-related issue, she had divorced her husband five months before, and the hurt feeling was controlling her. Bearing this, the OH officer recommends psychotherapy for Maureen. The source of conflict is laziness and irresponsibility at work. After the psychotherapy, Maureen is taken back to a short class where nursing professional ethics are reinstalled. Two months later, Maureen got to work where her diet was highly checked. Upon re-embarking to work, the hospital management changed Maureen's working routine from a morning shift to an afternoon shift, which she is comfortable with. Maureen is now hard-working, and she has a new professional friend, the afternoon shift doctor, with whom she had a past conflict.


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