Essay Sample of Creative Writing: Star Power Nationals

Published: 2022-10-28
Essay Sample of Creative Writing: Star Power Nationals
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Walking down the stage of the Star Power Nationals, I could feel my adrenaline rush as all eyes were bluntly focused on me. The high stage lights were shining on me, and I could not help but feel their warmth. We were to perform a contemporary dance together with my group, and this was a moment I had been looking forward to so much. However, as I came to the realization that I was about to showcase my talent in front of hundreds of people, my anxiety grew, and I started to feel anxious - the contemporary dance we were to perform consisted of ballet, jazz, modern music, and some lyrical dance. After overcoming my anxiety, I went ahead to start the choreography, which I had memorized, and knowing my leg work techniques and also my flexibility abilities my confidence was restored.

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"Are you feeling okay?", asked Simon one of my dance mates.

"Yes, I am," I answered. At this point, I realized that Simon had noticed my anxiety rise and that was not a good sign as it could offset the whole group and I, therefore, had to hold myself together and lead the group to the stage.

Once the music started playing, I began to let go of my nerves, and I became lost in the music. Mid-performance as I walked up center stage to perform my solo part I felt the spotlight hit me. I began to sweat, and I started experiencing my muscles tighten and lower back cramp up. I held my infamous leg extension, and then I prepared to do a split leap. I counted down in my head with the music "three, two, one LEAP" and in that very moment, I knew something had felt wrong. When I came down from my leap, I instantly froze and felt a sharp pain in my lower back. My eyes lit up, and my body wanted to give out so bad. I didn't want to let my team down but, the pain had worsened, so I gracefully danced my way off stage.

"Somebody follow him," said one of my group members.

"I think he hurt himself badly and he needs medical assistance," added Simon as he ran backstage towards where I was seated.

"Please go back on stage and finish the routine," I begged Simon as I pushed him away towards the stage.

"You might have broken something vital in your body, and it can become worse if you ignore it," Simon insisted.

"No Simon I feel okay I just need to rest and I will be okay, please go back and complete the routine," I begged again as I continued to push him back on stage. Deep down I knew that I had hurt myself badly, but even I didn't want to come to terms with the idea that I could never dance again, and hence I ignored him, and I walked outside the theater and headed home.

Growing up as a dancer

I remember my first time walking into a dance studio in LA dance. Growing up all I ever wanted was to become a dancer, and that love never faded even as I grew older. I still remember the vivid neon walls, hardwood floor with scuffs from tap shoes, bars surrounding the perimeter, and bright clear mirrors around the whole studio. I immediately fell in love with the studio. Dancing meant more to me than just moving my body around in different choreographies; dance was an escape, a place I could go and be able to express all of my emotions without receiving any judgment freely. It was the most therapeutic form of exercise I ever indulged myself in growing up.

"I can tell you are excited being here and I can also tell that all these interests you," said one of the dance instructors to me as she saw me marvel and gaze at the glory of the studio.

I quickly responded, "Yes am in love with your studio, all I have ever wanted to do is dance and being here just makes me feel at home and peace."

"Then you can join us and be practicing your skills here, and we will help shape you into the dancer that you desire to be," added the instructor. I immediately signed up and began my journey in dance. Every day at the dance was a new learning experience. The more time I was in the studio, the more opportunity I had to better myself as a dancer. My whole heart and soul were exhibited in every step. By the age of twelve, I began participating in competitions. This was a little different than just going to dance class and performing your act in front of a crowd or your family. This was competing against other studios, and things got very competitive.

Competition season

I think my love for dance was at its highest during competition season. I received the opportunity to travel around with great friends and my wonderful instructors. The pressure was intense when we would compete against other dancing schools and show off all of the hard work we put in throughout the past few months.

"Ensure that your hair, makeup, and costumes are all okay and perfect", our dancing instructor would say every time we were about to go on stage. "remember that the key to a good performance and also winning is ensuring that everything is meticulous, regardless of how much you are skilled in dancing, a bad costume can cost you the number one spot", the instructor would add. This pep talks always prepared us for anything and also helped us be calmer and more confident as we went on stage.

"Do not forget to stretch out your muscles before you go on stage to ensure that none of you is cramped during the performance," yelled the person in charge of the backstage. We only practiced for about fifteen minutes then it was show time. Getting in line backstage, I instantly knew the pressure was on. Win or lose I was still grateful for the experience. But, I must say there was nothing like hearing our studio won Platinum trophies and placed first in the competition.

All She Wants to do is Dance

When I came home from Star Power Nationals, I immediately had x-rays done on my spine.

"Am afraid to break this bad news, but you did not only pull something on your back, but you also have scoliosis," said Dr, Philip with a very sorry voice. From the look on my face, even the doctor could tell that I had already zoned out and my head was in another place.

"you are going to require surgery because the curvature on your spine is too intense," added Dr. Philip. As he kept on explaining all this to me, there was only one thing running through my mind, and that was whether I was ever going to dance or perform again.

I turned to my parents, "I only have one year left to compete as a professional dancer until the age limit no longer allows, and I was looking forward towards competing one last time. Can we please seek medical opinions from other doctors to see whether I can be able to dance again"? Sympathetic to my pleas, my parents took me to different orthopedic until we found one doctor who had specialized in working with dancers and he gave me an alternative to surgery by providing me with a back brace.

"you have to see me every two weeks and attend some physical therapy classes. In addition to that, you have to wear a supportive back brace until your spine begins to heal and recover", added the new doctor, Dr, Larkin. My spine responded well to the treatment I was doing but, my body as a dancer slowly never felt the same again.

Adapting to the changes

My brace was meant to hold my spine in place and prevent the curves from getting worse. I was only allowed to take it off when I was showering or dancing.

"I have noticed that since you got the brace, you have become more involved in the studio activities," a dance partner commented. Being close with her I decided to come out and be honest with her.

"Ever since I got this brace my drive to dance has increased because I don't want to be told that I can longer dance. The studio is the is the only place where am allowed to remove it, and I, therefore, take this opportunity to continue to prove to myself and others that I have not given up and I will not give up on dancing easily", I explained to her passionately. I could see her sympathize with as she understood what dancing meant to me.

"don't you think that removing the brace and doing extra exercises could hurt your back eventually as you are only seventeen and your muscles are no longer growing"? she asked in a concerned voiced.

"I believe that if I push myself hard enough, I can be able to perform as well as everybody," I answered her. In the back of my mind, I knew what she was asking me was right but I did not want to come to terms with the fact that my dancing days were over. However, as time went on the pain started to worsen from not taking care of my body correctly. I had to miss rehearsals for a couple of weeks to recover. My muscles were just too tired from holding my spine up, and that resulted in muscle spasms.

Decisions, Decisions

Ever since I was diagnosed with scoliosis, my body never felt the same, primarily as a dancer. I even had to watch certain things I do in the gym and specific ways to sit on a chair for an extended period.

"Sarah Michael is this year's winner of the fifteen-year award and scholarship. We would love to acknowledge the great work and effort she has put to her dancing despite being diagnosed with a back problem, and it would be a pleasure if she accepted this award and finished off her last year in dancing", said the principal as the whole cheered me along to go and receive the award.

I swiftly woke up and went to receive the award, and as I went back to my seat, amidst people clapping and congratulating me, I knew at the back if my mind that I had a hard decision to make. In my head I kept asking myself, "can I finish off my last year of dancing or should I return the award and focus on my health and well-being"?

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