Free Essay: Excellence of Being a Lifeguard

Published: 2019-11-25 02:25:52
Free Essay: Excellence of Being a Lifeguard
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The word excellence is common in most peoples diction or style of enunciation. Excellent as an adjective is widely used to describe an array of things and actions in our day-to-day activities. Be that as it may, following the extensive use, the word is seldom defined. Dependable use of the word cannot guarantee its achievement unless it is clearly defined and measured. In various constructs, excellence is regularly touted to admonish different people for accomplishing higher quality and efficiency. Excellence, however, cannot be equated with mere productivity and quality. For instance, the excellence of being a lifeguard cannot be compared to the mere underlying productivity in the career. As a lifeguard, productivity is an important aspect of excellence, but it is not sufficient.

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According to Naomi Enevoldson (2011), excellence is characterized as an ability or quality which is curiously significant thus outperforms standard principles. It is likewise a desired level of execution. Furthermore, excellence encompasses making progress toward quality or legitimacy in all that we do. Attention to excellence implies the necessity for some investment, buckle down and ponder a venture or movement. It gives us a chance to take pride in our achievements. We are guided by an ideal, and we do our best to make it a reality. Excellence must be tempered by adjusting, because when we look for excellence in one range, we risk ignoring our different qualities and needs. It does not demand perfection, but it implores utilization of capacities and opportunities to their fullest. Regardless of our mission, objectives, and niche, a pledge to excellence convey us nearer to living it well and to achieving our targets.

Today, as swimming as a sport and a hobby grows in popularity, the need and importance for lifeguards have increased. Lifeguards watch over the public as well as private swimming pools. They are tasked with the imperative role of preventing accidents in or around the pools. Thus, they are trained professionals in the procedures of water rescue and fundamental first aid. Successively, the excellence of being a lifeguard is more than just the execution of these responsibilities. In this profession, excellence is more of a habit than an act or implementation of tasks. It involves seeking diligence even in the smallest of tasks. According to Chemuturi (2001), professional excellence is greater than heightened productivity. Similarly, as a lifeguard excellence encompasses a blend of inspiring trust, quality, reliability, and integrity.

In conclusion, the backdrop above depicts excellence as a multi-faceted adjective. It is a persistently moving focus that can be achieved through activities of uprightness, being a leader in the underlying domain, meeting all commitments, and always learning and enhancing in all circles to meet the moving target. Furthermore, what is excellent today, may not be tomorrow. Be that as it may, excellence is achievable even with the dynamic focus. The moving targets necessitate dependable quest to achieve excellence at all times. The excellence of being a lifeguard mirrors the path of excellence in working environments through continuous learning, integrity, and actions. Finally, there are no awards for average execution, so people should embrace all their endeavors with excellence. There is no restriction to what one can achieve with continuous, nonstop advance toward excellence. Excellence is definitely justified despite all that exertion and duty. When you live with excellence, you live life's most elevated amount.


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