Creating an Ideal State. Essay Example

Published: 2023-03-03
Creating an Ideal State. Essay Example
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States call for restoration, especially after prolonged periods of war, military overthrow, revolutions, or abolishment of a dictatorial regime. When states collapse it implies that they no longer hold standing armies, and thus the defense system is threatened. Again, due to the weak force depicted by these states, their territorial integrity tends to be woven. Therefore, bringing the state to its original conditions implies focusing on critical aspects that have deteriorated and continually working towards their improvement. Reviving a state is a continuous process thus it commands setting essential strategies that are likely to facilitate success. A collapsed state may, at times demand too much of restoration programs, unlike a newly formed state. For this reason, mechanisms are not only set in place to revive it but also to combat the factors that may have triggered the collapse. Additionally, this situation requires a technical approach as forces of resistance tend to be slightly higher than those facilitating success. In this case, the collapse was triggered by an overthrow of a dictatorial regime (Magstadt, 2017). The paper thus seeks to address the strategies that I would undertake as a newly elected president to create an unshakable government.

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Domestic Concerns

The governing style that had fueled the collapse, in this case, is a dictatorship, which may have been perpetuated through totalitarianism, authoritarianism as well as aspects of oligarchy. The forms allow for the concentration of power to the hands of a few members of a society that is either the ruling class, the elite few, or the military in exclusion of the ordinary citizens. Under my regime I will incorporate a more subject or citizens-friendly system of governance to allow for consultations as well as integrating aspects of inclusivity. As such, I will champion for adoption of a democratic regime with independent arms that can perform without manipulation from external forces (Magstadt, 2017).

The government will be characterized of three arms of the which are judiciary, legislature as well as executive. The judiciary will be charged with the responsibility of interpretation of laws to aid in the ease of governance. The executive, on the other hand, will be responsible for the enforcement of the laws made by the legislature. The implication is that the legislature is expected to come up with laws that suit the conveniences of both the ruling class and the citizens on an equal magnitude. The citizenry is a crucial aspect of a state thus, incorporating this style will pose more significance of citizens to governance thus wooing them to support the regime and permanently abolish government overthrow. Again, the initiative will also inhibit loyalists of the dictatorial regime from continuing to detonate bombs as well as aiding in the abolishment of employment of equipment of mass destruction as means for advocating for changes (Mingst, 2008).

The public good that will ensure it is perfectly executed under my governance would be an independent defense system in which I am the commander. Additionally, I will advocate for law enforcement systems and ensure that they are maximally utilized to promote adherence to the laws of the state. The two programs will play a vital role in improving the ease of domestic governance as well as peaceful coexistence between the citizens and the governing class. The law enforcement system will consist of the police force, correctional units as well as court systems. The police system will be charged with the mandate of maintenance of order within all state undertakings. The correctional units will be responsible for rehabilitating criminals that they may reform to be accountable and reliable citizens. The court system will play a vital role in the administration of justice where it is due. Both the defense system and the law enforcement system will play a critical part in protecting the territorial integrity of state by ensuring that the demarcated boundaries of the country are protected.the borders may be territorial waters like the sea coasts. Furthermore, the approach will preserve the aspect of a state as exhibiting a permanent population as the external aggression will be quelled (Magstadt, 2017).

Integrating an economic structure in the state will be prudent as it will aid in describing the fluctuating balance of output, levels of income, types of trade activities, as well as the employment derived from the various economic sectors like fishing, mining, farming, construction and manufacturing. The structure is also crucial as it outlines the sources of revenue for the state. Resources obtained from the activities enclosed within the economic structure are necessary for funding the activities of the country as well as promoting self -reliance (Magstadt, 2017).

Socialization of citizens is a significant activity I need to emphasize as the head state as it is a tool towards the promotion of a sense of togetherness and hence, national unity. A socialized society has a defined direction of pushing for a political agenda as well as correction and government loopholes as well as advocacy of rights and freedoms. Therefore, I will integrate socialization programs such as games and sports, housing assistance, as well as supplemental security addition, the welfare socialization systems improve the loyalty of citizens to government (Magstadt, 2017).

Foreign Concerns

The two international organizations that would be significant to link up with would be the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. The United Nations will facilitate in combating terrorist activities such as the killings of civilians, cruelty on leaders and violence in towns that are perpetuated by the neighboring country. The strategy will allow the state to achieve its crucial aspect of ability to enter into relations with other states thus making it acquire its recognition by other states. As a result, the country will attain its sovereignty status (Mingst, 2008).

The United Nations being an intergovernmental organization that associates itself with the safeguard of international peace and security, promotion of international cooperation, harmonizing the activities of nations as well as promoting friendly interactions among nations is essential in this case. As such, member states of the UN will enjoy the privileges of its provisions. On the other hand, the world trade organization concerns itself with the advocacy of the rules governing trade across the world thus promoting the success of business among its member states. In this case the union will lay a perfect ground on which the new state exercises and strengthens its economic structure (Magstadt, 2017).

The steps to attaining membership in an international organization are (Mingst, 2008).

  • Submission of application of the state to the secretary-general alongside a formal letter stating that it is in agreement with the provisions of the charter.
  • Consideration of the application by the Security Council.
  • Presentation of the recommendation to the general assembly in case admission is recommended.
  • Gratification of membership upon adoption of the admission.

The country will combat the neighboring country's terrorist threat and domestic aggression by engaging the international organization that advocates for peaceful relations that is the UN. Again, the state may result in deploying forces to counter the effect of the terrorist groups. The strategies will be effective as the intervention of the United Nations will imply the promotion of security systems thus ending the insecurity brought forth by the terrorists. The forces deployed will engage in their peacekeeping mission thus wiping out the terrorist activities within the state (Magstadt, 2017).


In conclusion, as a state head, I would adopt a citizen-friendly mode of governance to curb possible attempts of overthrow. As such I would advocate for a democratic system with arms such as the executive, judiciary, and legislature. Additionally, I would allow for the presence of a competent force to combat the acts of violence directed at the state as well as link the land to the United Nations and the World Trade Organizations (Mingst, 2008). The two bodies will aid in combating insecurity and promoting trade and peaceful relations among its member states.


Magstadt, T.M. (2017). Understanding politics: Ideas, institutions, and issues

Mingst, K. A. (2008). Essentials of international relations. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.

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