Free Essay Example - Craft of Writing

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay Example - Craft of Writing
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The picture provided shows a wrecked boat that has been swept far into the land. There is an old greenhouse that looks destroyed and looks like nobody lives in it anymore. There are an old rail track and a wheel that has been exposed to rust. The environment looks dry, lonely and inhabited by people and animals. This paper uses artistic language styles to narrate a story on the image. I also give an analysis of the craft used in writing. The was once a town at the coast of Pacific. It was a commercial center with a lot of people who came to trade. It had several family businesses and companies that dealt in imported goods. It was connected to. The town had very green vegetation and aqua pools. It was an attractive center visited by many tourists. Everything was normal in the coastal town. Until one morning, when the local fishermen reported that there were unusual wind changes in the ocean. The situation grew serious, the loud sounds of cars and the normal noise of the people on the shore could not be heard. In a matter of hours, it was only the loud noise of a flock of white seagulls that flew high and seemed to send a warning.

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The panic-stricken citizens awaited the coast guard's announcement of evacuation. They all feared that it could be something worst. Generations had lived here in harmony with mother nature for so long and nobody had ever seen a tsunami. On that fateful Sunday morning, just a day before Christmas, a massive Tsunami hit the beautiful town. The currents came booming through, eradicating everything it found on its path. I was among the little boys that survived the incident. On that morning just before going to church for the morning mass. I noticed the change in the sky. There were dark clouds and the wind was growling with anger. We were like little ants scampering about searching for a home, a housing, anything that would shield us from the swelling tide that hunted us and seemed to climb up even the largest buildings, ready to wipe us off the face of the earth. It was too late for the folks on the seaside whereby they had already been reserved prisoners, sunk endlessly in their weeping of grief and anxiety. There was destruction, houses were crushed, and boats were swept out into the land. I can still remember running towards the church hill. The scene below was horrible there were cars flying over the houses and the ships being tossed and turned. It was like a scene from a horror. Five hours later, I and my friends and a few people who had gone to our church hill were drenched wet but safe on high ground. The town was flat and dotted with just a few houses and wrecked boats. It was hard to believe that the entire town had been swept under the giant tide. If it was not for a helicopter rescue mission to come for us, we could all be dead. We left the place vowing never to come back again.

The saddest part of the story is the huge number of people who died. The natural calamity killed many children and adults. Two months later after the mourning, the town was totally closed down as the remaining residents were too traumatized to stay. The picture above is the situation at the coastal town ten years later. It is so lifeless and dry. Before the Tsunami, it was the loudest, with sounds of birds and farm animals, with occasional train hooting. The story has been inspired by the art in the image. The reaction to the image is that of sadness. It tells the story of a destroyed past. I have used several stylistic devices used in the narration of a story to make it more appealing and interesting. The artist of the image shows a life that was luxurious but was destroyed by a calamity. The image is a nostalgic one. In the story, I also used different figures of speech. This figurative language includes the use of similes where I mentioned how we looked for a shelter like ants. The use of like or as in a story shows a simile Is used. I have used alliteration to add beauty to the story where two or more words with the same first letters being consonants that is when I said: much more time. Flashback is another stylistic device I used in the narrative above. The picture takes back the reader to the past into a beautiful town which cannot be seen currently because of the tsunami that destroyed it completely. The use of personification gives life to the story (Basurto &Ikeguchi, 2017). There is a thing like waves that are given human abilities such as talk and do other things. The train has been given the ability to feel tired

The art of writing creatively needs the use of stylistic devices and language styles, this makes the story interesting and worth reading. It has to be more than narrating a story but also teaching important lessons. When this figurative language is not used the story becomes too plain and not interesting. A writer can use stylistic devices such as Irony. There are several examples of irony. The situational irony, verbal and dramatic one. This is the use of words to express a meaning that is more literal than the actual one. The writer can use ellipsis which is the word or phrase omission to create an effect. There are ways in which a writer can express art by using a euphemism. Instead of using words declared as abusive or vulgar. This can be speaking of passing on, instead of dying.

Satire is another language style used to bring out the best in a narrative. The use of epigrams which are satirical in most cases decorates the sentences and paragraphs with wits and proverbs making it a reader's choice. Finally, there is the use of hyperboles. Hyperboles are exaggerations or overstatements. They emphasize the size of something being described in the narrative. Vivid description is also a language style that makes the reader create a mental picture of the situation in the story. By use of colors, exact distance, and clear explanations, the reader is able to follow the story like it is being displayed on a screen.

In conclusion, I will discuss how to be a good or rather better writer. One needs to improve on his or her vocabulary, to directly express yourself clearly, you need an upright dynamic language with understandable vocabulary. That's not just being able to recognize many words but it means really being able to use them accordingly and in a correct manner. One does this by engaging new words with samples in sentences. Secondly, grammar is one of the major lookouts when writing effective essays and excerpts in English. Sentence structure is very important because it advances the excellence of one's inscription. All the time you should use the correct tenses and think of using punctuation where appropriate. Punctuation is a better way to make your writing easy, clear and fluent. Another way of creating excellent writing is when one uses and explores a lot of stylistic devices in writing stories and essays because it gives a ready motivation when trying to read it.


Basurto, X., & Ikeguchi, A. (2017). Japan: coastal communities, a tsunami is coming! Samudra Report, (76), 4-7.

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