Free Essay Offering the Agency Analysis - Agape Charter School

Published: 2022-08-18
Free Essay Offering the Agency Analysis - Agape Charter School
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The Agape Charter School is a non for profit, tax-exempt organization that seeks to provide education and provide resources to those in need while empowering economic progression of the community. Agape School has been in existence for the past 18 years and boasted of staff with over 21 years of experience in the field. This organization, like many of its kind, has been founded under the Charter Schools Act of 1992 as an exciting innovation initiative that is changing and enhancing the educational opportunities in California and is largely founded on the concept of accountability for demonstrating high student performance standards. This paper gives an in-depth analysis of The Agape', its mission and goals, the population it addresses, the community context of the organization, the services offered, its organizational culture and structure.

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Mission and Goals

The Agape School's mission is to provide personalized education to students by fostering academics, career readiness, along with social and emotional support leading to higher education and economic growth. The organization seeks to improve teaching and to learn to enhance the academic achievement and social-emotional development of all students. By maintaining a safe, inviting and drug-free environment, the organization seeks to enhance the community trust and enable students to be self-motivated, competent and lifelong learners. Additionally, the organization is committed to enhancing staff, parent and community participation in the educational process.

The organization is guided by some objectives among them individualized learning plans that are tailored to specific student's needs, and supportive resources for the entire family. Furthermore, it focuses on small class sizes that facilitate personalized training, provision of the highly qualified certified teaching staff. Lastly, it is guided by high educational standards that are aligned with the common state standards and the No Child Left behind Framework.

Vulnerable Populations whose Needs the Organization Addresses

The organization has an open enrollment policy that should be voluntary and free of charge. Enrollment is open to all members of the public regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, actual or perceived disability, nationality, religion and any other characteristics outlined in the constitution or association with persons perceived to have those above. The organization, however, withholds admission for expelled students that are gang affiliated, have a history of arson, violence that results in injuries, destruction of property through tagging and possession of weapons such as knives, guns and explosives. The organization cannot afford to deny enrollment to disabled persons due to disability or the Charters school inability to provide the necessary resources. All residents of California State are eligible to enrollment. Agape is designed to operate free of most state mandates with exceptions to those ensuring health, safety and civil rights of the students.

A Description of the Community Context of the Organization

A high number of the schools' population is from Fresno County. Students over the age of 19 years are enrolled continuously in public schools while those aged 19 years and making satisfactory progress for a high school diploma. Students may not be over the age of 22 years. Also, students from other parts of the states are welcome and eligible for admission. This school reaches out to students with the highest needs by establishing schools in impoverished communities who benefit the most from these comprehensive educational programs. Students choosing the schools are offered an opportunity to complete their high school diploma and a college degree concurrently in a period of 4 to 5years maximum. Students that are facing social issues such as substance abuse, mental and behavioral health and truancy are also targeted and offered therapeutic counselling to improve their educational progress.

A Description of the Services Provided by Agape School

The Agape School provides some services to the community among them immunization. Every student hoping to be admitted in the school must be immunized by the law regardless of their personal beliefs on the subject matter. The organization provides career technical education in Agriculture where students learn about agriculture business operations and management, business management sequential courses that focus on the fundamentals of the economic world and give students dual credits towards a college degree. Energy and environmental technology introduce the principles and practices of this field while entrepreneurship thinking is trained to apply in all fields. Patient care and safety training are also offered to equip students with dual credits for courses in this field. Students are also offered sequential courses in education to pave the way for careers in the education sector. Students are also exposed to career pathways through common core instructions, project-based learning, field trips and work-based learning activities. Agape has also developed a business partnership with different organizations in the state which ensure that students have job shadowing and work-based learning that promotes the real-world application.

A Description of the Organization Structure

The Agape Charter School is a non for profit, public benefit organization that is tax exempted. The school has a board of directors who are responsible for the school and are accountable to the Fresno county office and the general public. The board of directors are also responsible for the school's closure and all related activities. Its administration consists of a Superintendent who is the top executive of the school district, makes the day to day decisions about the educational programs and is in charge of implementing the vision. Next comes his assistant superintendent who aside from working hand in hand with the superintendent, is in charge of hiring and supervising the staff. The School has a principal who is in charge of discipline and ensures that all policies are adhered to. These three individuals hold the top management positions in the school and are responsible for the school by making the key decisions concerning the school's programs and implementation. They work closely with the staff members and parents to ensure the interests of the students are served.

A Description of the Organizational Culture

The organization has a strict culture whereby adherence to rules and regulations is expected to be observed. Both visitors and students are expected to be on their best behavior and avoid breaking rules which may lead to suspensions and expulsions. Suspension and expulsion criteria are laid out, and fairness is exercised in implementing them. Drugs and substance use, distribution and possession on the school's premises is highly prohibited. Staff members are expected to behave professionally at all times and show respect to students and colleagues at all times. Students are expected to show high academic results and discipline both in school and out of school. Those willing to participate in extracurricular activities must have high GPAs and also avoid being absent from class unless with valid reasons.

The school is staunch against all forms of bullying and harassment to maintain a healthy, safe and positive environment that is conducive for learning. No student, staff or teacher, therefore, shall physically, verbally, threaten, sexually harass or intimidate the other. Cyber and online bullying also is highly prohibited, and students are encouraged to intervene by reporting when they experience these personally or witness it happening to their colleagues.

The school is founded on the principles of flexibility and innovation outside and inside the classroom, valid research and evaluation of educational and social services, performing civic duties and promoting social change, high quality educational options for students, visible and accessible programs that provide a continuum of services and outreach and collaboration with community organizations and districts.

Given the age group whose needs the school addresses, drugs and substance abuse cases are not rare. The school anticipates such kind of crisis and has a result put policies in place to deal with those found in possession, use or distribution of any kinds of drugs. Gangs and their affiliates also pose as a challenge for the school by recruiting students into their crime syndicates. The management is clear that this kind of behavior is highly unacceptable. The Agape thus works closely with the police and county office to combat such cases. They also encourage parent active involvement with their students to prevent such incidences.

An Analysis of who is Welcome at Agape School

The school is located in a convenient location that is easy to access. At the gate security checks are conducted and any illegal contraband left at the gate to be returned upon departure. The visitor fills out a form stating their purpose for visit and purpose for a visit, and a visitor's pass is given. Buildings inside the premises are well labelled with signs and directions to help individuals navigate with ease. All visitors are expected to wear a pass at all times indicating their name, date, time of arrival and destination if they go beyond the front desk. Individuals who are not registered with the school are not allowed on the premises unless they are conducting business with the personnel. Cars and other automobiles are expected to be parked correctly and maintained for the safety of the students. Loitering and cruising around the campus is prohibited.

The Agape schools welcome all graduates from accredited high schools upon completion of the California High School Proficiency Exam or the General Development Test. High school juniors and seniors also are welcome to apply for courses at the community college. Volunteers also are welcome to work with the school after completion of an application form and verification. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to work closely with the school for the benefit of the students.


The Agape School serves as an innovator for providing service to youth and families by increasing their likelihood of becoming resilient, productive, prosperous, self-reliant and successful members of the community. The school's culture has played a major role in ensuring that its students are highly disciplined, and consequently, able to gain necessary skills that will prepare them for life. Overall, Agape has been successful in empowering parents, teachers and the community to custom design unique educational programs that meet the specific needs of their children.

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