Free Essay Example on Cotton History

Published: 2022-07-07
Free Essay Example on Cotton History
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Trading started back in the early days. There were different types of commodities that the British used to transport in the early days. Commodities were transported based on demand. Some of the top ten specialties during those days was: wheat, sugar, wool cotton among many others. The product that is discussed here was produced during those early days, transported and thus it is investigated here. Cotton was one of the greatest and leading commodity of the old days. The product had different species, and as a result, its demand rose up. The improvement in the market led to growth in the market and needed too. It was highly carried during the 18th century (Clapp et al. pg. 86). The paper here analyses one of the greatest and leading commodity of the early days. Its production, transportation, and use are discussed.

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Cotton was one of the leading commodity of the early days. It has a great history, and it is one of the oldest and known types of the fibers. Cotton is known to be grown in Hindus valley and Hopi in Mexico. That is in a long time ago in the southern New Mexico. The cotton spread between 1556 up to the late 1868 years. The species of cotton spread during that time. Cotton spread up to the western region. Its business facilitated the transportation of the cotton in the area. The transportation was also by the cultivators who sold the product to traders in the Nashville.

Cotton was sold to traders, by some of the cultivators in the Nashville. It was grown in southern Mexico. Farming produced the product, that's by farmers. It was transported by British and also by slaves back in the days (Olmstead pg. 15). Traders consumed the product; they got it from the cultivators.

Cotton was transported because of the number of reasons and, it was seen as a major economically bridge by Walter Johnson. He saw cotton during that time as the source of capital. He felt that it was the right time for him to produce cotton and use the chance to enrich himself. The southern cotton production is in hand with the Walter's believe about the output of the cotton and slavery.

Apart from trader and slaveries, cotton had a vast number of consumers back in the olden days. The figure was the significant inclusion of the traders by companies among many other more consumers. The Indians were also the consumers of the cotton back in the time. Their consumption, in this case, was facilitated by the growing market of their country.

To sum up, cotton is one of the leading commodities of the early days. It was produced in Southern Mexico then spread to other regions of the world. Cotton had a variety of the species to extend that it was taken to laboratories for study. After the survey, the commodity species kept spreading to many other pars tot the continent thus the extensive farming of cotton. The species were transported, and people started planting it all over. The transportation of the cotton was also facilitated and aided by the Arabs merchant group of people in those old days. It was transported and consumed by some people during the early days. People such as Walter made chances of making capital out of the business of cotton.

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