Essay Sample on Corporate Social Responsibility Reputation

Published: 2023-10-09
Essay Sample on Corporate Social Responsibility Reputation
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Microsoft Company constitutes a remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which in turn facilitates considerably the activities perpetrated by the company. Consequently, Microsoft's technology firm earned a score of 74.1 correlated with RepTrak CSR (Strauss, 2017). Besides, the CEO of Microsoft Company, Satya Nadella established as a prominent individual in the sector of environmental and social responsibility. Accordingly, the works of the Bill and Melinda Foundation perpetrated by former CEO and co-founder of Microsoft Company, Bill Gates, resulted in the enterprise attaining an effectual reputation associated with CSR (Strauss, 2017). In this write-up, remarkable issues facilitating CSR of Microsoft Company achieve extensive address, including the problems addressed by the company, CRS initiatives to internal and external stakeholders, mission communication to stakeholders, and recommendations for CRS improvement.

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Problems Addressed by Microsoft Company

In the perpetuation of CSR's phenomenon, Microsoft Company aims to deliver an exceptional address of various predicaments correlated with facilitating the quality of life (Sehgal, 2020). Consequently, the company has accorded outstanding accessibility of the products and services of the company tailored to meet the needs of all the customers, including one billion individuals established to accrue affliction from disabilities globally. Accordingly, Windows 10 and Office 365 of the company facilitate essential accessibility and enhance usage for the low vision users and the blind through the inclusion of the Eye Control feature in Windows 10 (Sehgal, 2020). Moreover, Microsoft Company has formulated a Seeing AI, which ascertains as an app in the iOS free in the US narrates the world considerably around individuals.

Microsoft Company aims in the enhancement of the broadband connectivity tailored to address the connectivity needs of 2 million US individuals residing in rural areas (Sehgal, 2020). Consequently, Microsoft enterprise addresses the issue exceptionally through a partnership with telecommunication companies under the program correlated with the Rural Airband Initiative. The perpetuation of the program by Microsoft Company aims to eliminate the rural broadband niche in the US by 23.4 by 2022.

Moreover, Microsoft Company has incorporated remarkable support to the AI for Earth initiative tailored to provide solutions to the environmental challenges prominent in the world (Sehgal, 2020). Besides, the company has perpetrated programs meant to ensure the provision of clean energy deemed as environmentally friendly. The company's wind energy purchase facilitated Wyoming data center in the accessibility of effectively clean wind energy.

Internal and External Stakeholders

In the address of interests associated with the company's stakeholders, Microsoft Corporation has established to address a considerable scope of issues in an attempt of CSR promotion CITATION Seh20 \l 1033 (Sehgal, 2020). The stakeholders of the Company include customers, employees, and communities. In the perpetration of CSR, Microsoft Company focuses excellently on the inclination of focus methodologies on stakeholders' interests deemed as most significant.

In the strategy of CSR adopted by Microsoft Company, customers establish as the priority group of stakeholders due to their impact on the company's business needs of growth. Consequently, the stakeholder deems to perpetrate the main interest on the quality associated with the customer service and reasonable pricing of the offered products (Sehgal, 2020). The CSR approach adopted by Microsoft Company effectively addresses the interests specified through exception incorporation of innovation, leading to the provision of advanced products adequately.

Human rights establish as one of the remarkable thrusts in the CSR adopted by Microsoft Company. Consequently, employees develop to accrue the second priority in the Microsoft Company CSR (Sehgal, 2020). The interests of the Company employees display a significant inclination towards competitive compensation, practices of employment, and fair labor. Accordingly, the employee stakeholders achieve substantial levels of significance from their direct effect on company performance through human resource productivity and competence (Sehgal, 2020). In an attempt to meet the requirements specified by the employee stakeholder, Microsoft Company has instigated remarkable competitive compensation of employees along with working practice improvement and thus protecting the workers’ rights.

Through its effectual inclusion of the CRS thrust of environmental sustainability, communities establish as remarkable stakeholders of the Microsoft Company CSR strategy (Sehgal, 2020). Accordingly, the communities appear to incorporate adequate corporate support arising from the programs perpetrated correlated with environmental protection and livelihood enhancement. Consequently, community stakeholders establish to constitute high levels of significance resulting from their impact on the Microsoft Company corporate image.

Mission Communication to Stakeholders

Microsoft Company ascertains remarkably to constitute effective communication of its mission to the relevant stakeholders (George, 2017). Consequently, the company's mission establishes to displayed strategic methodologies tailored to facilitate corporate vision. Accordingly, the Microsoft Company mission constitutes a considerable inclination to empower every /individual and organization towards realizing maximum achievements. Besides, the exceptional means of mission communication to stakeholders adopted by Microsoft Company has, in turn, translated into a positive response (George, 2017). Therefore, stakeholders have established to support the activities of Microsoft Company effectively, leading to lucrative endeavors.

Recommendation of CSR Program Improvement

To improve the CSR program, Microsoft Company should instigate an exceptional stakeholder response platform. Consequently, through a remarkable collection of stakeholder responses, the company is positioned to enhance stakeholder specific initiatives. Accordingly, the outstanding address of stakeholder requirements will translate remarkably into the enhancement of the company operations.


From the above elucidation, a remarkable analysis of Microsoft Company CRS attains effectual display. Consequently, the write-up presents effectively various factors addressed by Microsoft Company in the enhancement of its corporate social responsibility correlated with the major internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, effective recommendation on the methodology that can attain utilization of the company in the facilitation of its corporate social responsibility accomplishes exceptional display.


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