Free Essay Example - Corporate Position

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Essay Example - Corporate Position
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The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed most organizations' operations in various ways; because of the caution, they have concerning its spread. The changes aim to reduce the exposure of the stakeholders to contracting the virus. That has led to various changes in the everyday operations that the organizations are engaged with. Most organizations have been subjected to criticism because of a lack of adequate measures to protect their stakeholders from the adverse effects of the virus. Therefore, the organizations have been engaged in activities to balance their interests and the welfare of stakeholders. Restructuring of standard operations and rescheduling of operations has become routine because of the virus—one of the industries significantly affected by the aviation industry changes. The change is because of the restrictions that have been placed on various destinations that the airlines operate. That has led to a change in protocols, which has been communicated by the various organizations over time.

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Qatar Airways is one of the world's leading firms in the aviation industry, which has been adversely affected by COVID-19 Pandemic dynamics. There are various ways the organization has addressed its operations, majorly affecting its employees and customers. First, the airline has changed its travel dates for flights that had been booked earlier. These are some destinations that are not open to air travel. Therefore, travelers to those destinations have been advised to change their travel dates free of charge. The change is meant to ensure future travel when the destinations will be opened for air travel (Akbar & Kisilowski, 2020). The other measure taken by the airline is the reduction of the number of passengers carried in a plane. There is a need for social distancing during travel to reduce passengers' chances of contracting the virus from fellow travelers. The change is meant to enhance consistency with most governments and bodies' regulations like the World Health Organization. That will ensure the safety of passengers as they travel.

There has also been a change where the airline gives passengers the option of exchanging their tickets with Qmiles. That will give the passenger a chance to travel at a future date to various destinations when normal operations resume. The option of Qmiles is meant to reduce the losses that the organization makes because of flight cancellations. With the Qmiles, there will be better arrangements within the interests of the organization and the passengers. The other option is exchanging the travel ticket with a valid voucher for two years; that is all done without any additional charges. The change is made to harmonize the interests of the airline and the customers. Screening of passengers and maintaining a database of their information to check the infection is the other change that has been enhanced. That will reduce the chance of conditions to staff and fellow passengers. Therefore, it is seen that there are multiple efforts made by the organization to safeguard its stakeholders.

Requiring crew to wear persona protective gear when on duty is the other change that has been proposed by the organization. The crew will be needed to protect themselves and the passengers from infection by wearing protective gear when at work. The measure is majorly meant to protect the employees from infections from passengers. The likelihood of employees getting infected is high because they directly contact the passengers on board. The crew might have contracted the virus and may pass it to the travelers (Albers & Rundshagen, 2020). Therefore, there has been a plan to ensure all the stakeholders are safe from infection. The crew is required to wear face masks, gloves, and other protective gear. They also have frequent checks to ensure they do not have the virus, which will reduce the customers' risk exposure using their services. With the introduction of that regulation, the travelers and crew's welfare is most likely to be well addressed by the airline.

There has been an overall change in the airlines' supply chain, which has been caused by a decrease in customer' numbers. First, the number of travelers has declined in almost all countries. That has forced airlines to reduce their scheduled flights to minimize losses. That has had adverse effects on the employees in the supply chain. There have been massive layoffs, which have led to most of the people having their employment terminated. The organizations have been continuously making losses; therefore, it was justified to reduce their workforce/. Furthermore, manufacturers of places such as Boeing have suffered massive setbacks because of decreased demand in the sector. They have had to have some of their primary operations to cushion their finances from risk. The other major supplier, Airbus, has suffered the same adverse effects as a result. Therefore, it is evident that the aviation supply chain has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. That has been seen in the various restructuring activities, and changes instituted to address the significant concerns.


The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a lot of adverse effects on various sectors worldwide. The results are faced by the multiple stakeholders in the industry, leading to the restructuring of their operations to reduce the negative aspects associated with the Pandemic. The measures put in place are meant to protect the stakeholders from either financial or health concerns. There has been a restructuring in standard operating procedures, which will be adopted soon until the COVID-19 Pandemic is effectively addressed. There are fewer passengers, and the risk of contracting the virus is high. The combination justifies the change in operating procedures.


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