Conflict Inventory Sheet - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2022-06-16
Conflict Inventory Sheet - Free Paper Sample
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Your task is to use your textbook, lecture notes, personal experience and/or additional research to create or describe a conflict and describe a communication plan designed to resolve it. Your textbook will be especially helpful to you. You may use a hypothetical conflict, a fictionalized version based on true events or an actual situation, but your resolution plan MUST BE YOUR OWN. Turn in this form with your essay.

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Your plan must include a minimum of FIVE (5) key terms from Chapters 13-16 of your textbook.

Section 1 (Circle all that apply)

My paper and presentation are predominantly centered in a description of:

A challenge concerning individuals An organizational conflict A challenge/conflict based on culture

The situation I am describing can be classified as:

Based on True Events Hypothetical Based on fictional characters

My resolution plan was designed using:

1311 Textbook & lectures External Articles/books Firsthand experience

Which definitional aspects of conflict are experienced in this situation?

Incompatible Goals Scarce Resources Third-party Interference

Some items impacting this conflict/challenge include:

Love Hate Superior/Subordinate Communication Peer Communication Money Leadership

Parenting Age Gender Ethnic/Cultural Heritage Religion Political Affiliation Difference of Ability

Family Crime Work Entertainment Sex Social Media Housing Food Clothing Safety

Government Rules Education Environment Equipment Ethics Misconduct Community Relations

Location Current Events

Section 2 (Fill in the blank)

Describe the personality/ characteristics of Person A, Organization A or Side A of the conflict:

Resistant to change, addicted to social media, claiming that they have different abilities- each employee has to be placed in their right place of work based on specialization, some of the employees also find the rules in their workstation too difficult to follow.

Describe the personality/ characteristics of Person B, Organization B or Side A of the conflict:

The organization had no set paths for which they are to use in implementing change in the organization.

There is no set policy on the renumeration of employees thus the frequent conflicts on matters renumeration.

There is no proper training and motivation of employees to help those addicted with social media.

Write a short summary of the conflict or challenge:

The organization has been having a conflict with its employees each time it tries to adopt new guidelines or procedures in their workplace, however, some of the employees are resistant to change. The organization has made the necessary steps to ensure the changes are implemented. The organization has also been experiencing some problems with some of the employees which has resulted to them underperforming which has later yielded poor results

List FIVE key terms from chapters 13-16 you plan to use in your paper:



Group culture,


Social lofting,



Map out your conflict resolution strategy (repeat for each person/organization/side involved in this conflict):

Problem: Some of the employees are addicted to social media to some extent they cannot perform their operations as expected.

A section of the employees is complaining of poor pay, they need a pay rise.

Clear guidelines have to be put into place for matters relating to employees and also the implementation of policies.

Goal: to ensure that the employees work together in harmony to ensure the success of the organization, setting appropriate procedures to be used when implementing change in the organization, checking on the issues of employees renumeration, and also monitoring the performance of employees by installing monitoring software for their department.Expected Outcome: Employees should henceforth be adoptive to change, that no more conflicts arise in the future based on pay issues, that employees addicted to social media re helped in discovering themselves and ensure that they concentrate on the organizational activities.

Problem: The organization does not come up with better ways of solving the existing problems and also to set a system that can be used to correct the conflicts once they arise in future.

Resolution Strategy: Setting up a panel to be checking on the renumeration of the employees and also set up monitoring software's on the workers machines to monitor their work in their machines, following the appropriate procedures when implementing any change in the organization to avoid opposition by the part of the employees. The employees also have to be given appropriate channels in which they are to use when raising their complaints.

Expected Outcome: Increased output as a result of resolving the conflicts within the organization between the management and the employees and also amongst the employees.

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