Concert Review Essay Example - Music of Our Time Concert

Published: 2020-11-26
Concert Review Essay Example - Music of Our Time Concert
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Several say music is a charge for the soul; it's perplexing what music can do to a stressed-out person. According to the English dictionary, music is an art form created by organizing pitch, rhythm and sounds made using musical instruments and sometimes singing. While its origin is debatable since others claim it began during the Palaeolithic period in Africa then went viral to the rest of the world, what is undeniably true is every known culture in the face of planet earth: from the past to the present has its kind and genre of music

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August Alsina Testimony live tour in Houston is a music concert worth sharing. The tour didn't possess very many random opening acts, but it did possess the talent to its brim and unwavering connection with the audience. DJ. Mr. Rogers of 93.7of the Beat teased the crowd as he played Houston classics some of which he produced. What strikes you with this young performer is his aura of simplicity. The stage is like one big open space and the lights beautify and make it brighter the instruments ranging from the piano to the set of drums to the electric guitars are positioned in one corner of the stage. It is dimly lit, and his backup singers adorn simple attires to blend with the surrounding. There are a couple of performers before Alsina, Teyana Taylor wowed the crowd with her vocal abilities; steady and soft but powerful none the less.

As a fashion enthusiast, I was keen to note their different styles of clothing. Starting from the main star himself, August was dressed in full Gucci attire for the major part of the concert. His backup dancers and soloist were also clad in attires of they own liking. I liked the kinky Afro hair that Teyana Taylor had above all. It fully complemented her style and clothing. Her tall and magnificent leather boots made her stand out from the rest of the female performers who were mainly clothed in dresses. The thing I liked most about the backup dancers, however, was the way they sang in unison. I have never been able to understand fully how they do that. It must have taken several weeks to perfect their performance. Cheers to the entire Testimony team because they have clearly made it.

This was, however, an extremely new experience for me. When I was still at home trying to decide what to wear, I found myself trying to fit in tight outfits to fit in with the crowd that I was now seeing. Everyone was donned in colourful outfits. Some of them came in groups with matching outfits. It was truly a site to behold. I thought the girls wore their attractive attire just to be able to get close to the VIP section and flaunt their beauty to the artistes. However, clearly, I had my thoughts. Everyone seemed to be feeling free and dance to the soothing melodies. I could figure out a few moves myself, but standing in the midst of chanting crowds, I soon got the rhythm. It was a different kind of high for me. It is just that I was not of any illegal substance.

A quick interlude soothed the crowd and just by the sound of his voice, the crowd goes wild and amazingly and very humbling to the singer they sing word for word as the RnB singer belts out Testify. Its been a year since he first emerged into mainstream Hip-hop/RnB. August offers honesty in his music related directly to his life and his neither afraid to rejoice his achievements nor ashamed to speak of his mistakes. His voice is easing and silky, a rising tempo, his authenticity can be heard throughout the album as he puts down his sweat, tears and blood to every rendition he sings. Alsina composed his albums since it depicts his childhood, success and failures the African American National started performing in 2014 and had made some hits on the billboards. What makes his music exquisite is talent and honesty, and I cannot emphasize that enough.

Mama was my favourite piece since he sings about the emotional strain he put his mother through and finally his reached a level where his mother can be proud of him. Most young adults go through rough patches with their parents or guardians at one point or another. There was variety in his album, and he ventured into different themes from life hurdles to success to romance and each turn turning out to be better and better though there was no theatrical dimension to the performance. If the stage would have been brightened using the right visual lights and the different themes showcased theatrically it would have been a sight to behold since the simplicity killed it to a certain extent and at some point it sounds like repetition and it loses its thrill. The honesty and vulnerability is a breath of fresh air and reality in its natural form, but it is too modest.

In conclusion, I liked the show and would most definitely go to his next concert to see what next after telling his story what good thing he has for his fans. I would also definitely not miss Chris Browns upcoming concert in California. It is sure going to be electric. The sensation I got from Augusts concert is not leaving soon. I simply cannot wait.

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