The Influence of the Internet on Business. Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-01-25
The Influence of the Internet on Business. Essay Sample.
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Importance of the internet in modern society

The internet is a very modern invention that can be used by anyone. It can be accessed by anyone who tries to connect to one of its central, main networks and by users of all ages. Therefore, it has had a great impact in the world of business. This paper describes how due to the internet, businesses now has a worldwide audience for its goods and services. Hence as a world invention, the internet has influenced and is continuing to affect business.

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Mostly the internet has been a positive invention when it comes to business. One of the main positive effects of the internet is improved communication. The internet communication tools enable business organizations to save on cost, became faster, and efficient (Turner et al., 2014). E-mails are instant and free, same as the social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. VoIP and internet telephony like Skype are cheaper and can be widely used for video conferencing, webcam calls and instant messaging. On the same note, online chats and forums are communication tools that are important in that it allows bringing your business into the modern age of communication and marketing. Virtual worlds are also used for meetings and seminars reducing the cost of traveling and time wastage. Cloud technology allows employees to work on their projects wherever they are, provided that they have internet access.

The internet has also improved business customer service. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow the instant interaction between companies and customers allowing business organizations to resolve customerts complaints faster (Turner et al., 2014). This ensures happy customers which help in advertising. Positive reviews are good advertising for the companies.

Negative effects of internet

Most business organizations have advanced their mode of selling products or services, and they have realized positive changes to their production. The internet has aided some companies by allowing them to expand their earnings, how they want to be perceived by customers and their ability through globalization and internationalization. All kinds of companies, large and SMBTs have gained from the Internet. They have created more jobs opportunities as compared to companies with close to no presence on the Internet. Therefore, the internet is crucial when it comes to new work opportunities. Though some jobs are lost with the arrival of the internet, in the process more jobs such as engineers, designers and salespeople are created.

Sometimes, the internet can have negative effects such as security issues. When business is conducted online, there is the risk that sensitive data such as passwords, credit card details, addresses would be exposed which can compromise customer's safety and result in possible fraud for the company leading to loss of revenue. Another effect would be impersonality, faster and easier communication over the internet hardly include face to face. Therefore, it is considered impersonal and uncaring. This aspect demoralizes employees who become less productive resulting in loss of potential customers.

In conclusion, our economies have been transformed and will continue changing in the coming years due to the internet. It has brought a lot of unity and helped in connecting the world allowing free movement of capital, products, and services across different countries. This connection is imperative in each countryTDs economic growth. All companies, small, medium have benefited a lot as it has increased their sale. In general, there has been business expansion and productivity gain.


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