Air Pollution Solutions - Essay Samples

Published: 2018-05-29
Air Pollution Solutions - Essay Samples
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Carbon pollution standards reduce the rate of pollution in the country

The United States of America has developed a number of control strategies to reduce the levels of air pollution in the country. The government has set policies to manage the sources of pollution to ensure that preventative measures are taken to eliminate air pollution. The government has also created a clean technology center to enforce the latest technologies to reduce the rate of air pollution. This objective has been achieved through the use of wet scrubbers, mechanical collectors, combustion systems, absorbers and condensers.

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Additionally, the government has stated that it is focused on reducing the carbon pollution that results from the operation of power plants. Since electricity is considered to be the most significant source of domestic pollution, the government has come up with measures to ensure that pollution limits are set for every power plant. The Environmental Protection Agency has continued to work with power plants to ensure that carbon pollution standards reduce the rate of pollution in the country. These standards have also been used to monitor power plants and to ensure that they do not exceed the acceptable carbon emissions levels.

Notably, the government of the United States of America has created a strategic plan that is meant to ensure that renewable forms of energy are adopted on public land. Through an ambitious plan launched by the government, the administration has passed to replace non renewable energy sources. Some of the renewable sources of energy that the government of the United States has supported include wind energy and solar powered energy. To this end, the government of the United States of America has encouraged its agencies to consume electricity generated from renewable sources. This is meant to ensure that the federal government is the largest user of renewable energy to create a smoother transition towards a cleaner future.

Granted, the United States of America has also passed the laws that are meant to reduce the use of super pollutants in the country. The use of super pollutants such as by government agencies has declined. The government has adopted measures to reduce emissions of methane through the establishment of the climate and clean air coalition. The proposed agreement is meant to engage other global partners such as China and India to ensure that their production processes are monitored to lower the level of air pollution in the world.

Moreover, the department of energy in the United States of America has created a fund to support the creation and adoption low carbon technologies. The use of these technologies in the country has increased ensure that more industries that will record energy efficiency. This has been made possible through sequestration, carbon capture mechanisms and the use of smart grids. The United States of America has also been actively involved in the contribution of finances to ensure that its global efforts to reduce emissions are strengthened. To promote policies that are meant to reduce global air pollution and national air pollution, the country has encouraged foreign governments to support industries that operate on renewable energy.

Air pollution in the united states

Air pollution is among the greatest threat that USA and other countries in the globe faces. It has resulted to global warming and environmental degradation through acid rains. As a result, the United States has taken a number of initiative to control the catastrophe. Some of these approaches are discussed below.

First, USA has created smoke-free automobiles. Motor vehicles are the largely used mode of transport in USA. Therefore, a lot of exhaust gases are discharged from the cars which contributes to the highest percentage of air pollution. As a result, USA has created the smoke-free automobiles as way of minimizing the amount of gases discharged to the atmosphere. The cars are fitted with special equipment that condenses the gases released in liquid which are safe to be released into the atmosphere. Moreover, the vehicles have a longer life span.

Secondly, USA uses legislation. It is an approach that directly involve all the people. In this way, the United States has set up rules and regulations that monitor and control any for of social or economic activity that may result to air pollution. For example, the country has set regulation guidelines that prevent commercial industries from releasing any gaseous wastes into the atmosphere. Companies are required to treat or recycle their waste products. Similarly, individuals are legally required to protect the environment by not burning exothermic products like products that can dangerously affect the atmosphere.

Next, USA has also encouraged the use of renewable sources of energy. Some of the sources include solar, wind, biomass. In most cases, they are readily and cheaply available. The sources are also non-pollutant since they do not release in gaseous content into the atmosphere. The use of renewable sources of energy has been the best approach used by USA to minimize air pollution. For a long time, the country has ventured into educating its people on the benefits of using these sources of energy as a way of conserving the environment.

Furthermore, USA has promoted the creation of electric train to control air pollution. In the past, the country used steam powered trains. The trains were powered by the combustion of coal which released a lot of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. The two gases are highly dangerous since they destroy the ozone layer in the sky and hence resulting to global warming. Additionally, the gases result to acidic rain which corrodes a lot of structures on the surface of the earth. The acidic rain also destroys crops and other plantation. However, with the creation of electric train, the discharge of these gases has been eliminated making train transport as one of the most efficient and environmental friendly methods of transportation.

Lastly, USA uses reforestation as a method of controlling air pollution in the country. In this approach, the country directly engages the people to plant trees in various parts of the state. Trees are efficient in maintaining free circulation of air. They also act as water catchment. They allow for evaporation and precipitation that increases moisture content in the atmosphere. The moisture are seasonally released as rain and therefore cleaning up the pollutant gases contained within the sky.

In short, USA has taken a number of measures to control air pollution. The strategies discussed above give an overview that the country has used. There are a lot of environmental organizations in the country that are frequently involved in designing better methods of controlling air and other types of pollution.

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