Concept Analysis

Published: 2020-04-28
Concept Analysis
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In the concept analysis of the two articles, the author has diligently followed all the steps in confidence/self-confidence concept but has omitted to explain certain necessary steps in the analysis of the community health. The concept analysis of the community health though was conducted using the evolutionary model suggested by Rodgers, who comprehends the growth of the notion as a process that remains by means of time and placed within a certain context. In the model the author did so well but did not complete all the necessary steps, he left out some essential steps that must be clearly spelt in the article. For the paper to ascertain all the requirements in the Rodgers evolutionary model, the author should have done some of the following. In this evolutionary model, three key aspects are distinguished in the explanation of the concept: its meaning, use and its application. In terms of the "Use" of the notion, it expresses the way in which it is used in suitable situations, stating "essential attributes". The author failed to bring out the clear meaning of the community health concept as it should be done CITATION Mar09 \l 1033 (Baisch, 2009). "Application" discloses itself when the concept linked with "use" in specific; it mirrors the effectuated and recognized concept in the setting in which it is persistently distinguished, integrating other meanings.

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In the analysis of confidence/self-confidence concept, all the steps were followed. By the author. The use of the notion explains the manner in which it is applied incorrect situations, expressing major attributes CITATION Liz14 \l 1033 (Lu, 2014). Application reflects the effectuated and identified concept in the context in which it is continually refined. The steps used includes, select a concept, determine the aims or purposes of analysis, identify all uses of the notion that you can discover, determine the defining attributes, identify a model case, identify borderline, related, contrary, invented, and illegitimate cases, identify antecedents and consequences, and define empirical referents. The author has done well to explain all the steps in doing the analysis using the Avant model. From the Avant model, it is a requirement that all the steps must be critically followed to carry out the concept analysis. The author has done well do explain further work regarding the concept. As with any concept, further work needs to be conducted to understand fully the notion of confidence and self-confidence.

The method by Walker and Avant is better than that of Rodgers used the article, Community health: an evolutionary concept analysis by Mary Jo Baisch because each of the eight steps is explained explicitly. The eight-step method was chosen because is appropriately analysed the concept into finer details. Using Walker and Avant method in concept analysis is important for it provides a clear understanding of the concept being analyzed hence right conclusion can be made.

In conclusion, Analysis of the community health concept, grounded on Rodgers' evolutionary model should make its meaning, antecedents, attributes, and consequences more comprehensible. Additionally, it should enable embellishment of the description for the phenomenon. It is anticipated that this meaning may favor a method to the phenomenon in the diverse areas of understanding. The significance must be stressed in analyzing this concept using the two models. This will bring out clear understanding and usefulness to various students, especially in the nursing field.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Baisch, M. J. (2009). Community health: an evolutionary concept analysis. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 1-14.

Lu, L. H. (2014). Nursing-sensitive indicators: a concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1-14.

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