Check Free Essay for Recommendation Letter Sample

Published: 2017-11-13
Check Free Essay for Recommendation Letter Sample
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How to write a letter of recommendation

It is with great pleasure that I write this to recommend [Name] for admission to Master of Science-Accounting at the California State University of Sacramento. I have known [Surname] for a good period of time, 5 years to be precise. Over this period, he proved to be a diligent person who can work effectively and ready to learn new skills.

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He is truly a sharp mind who is willing to accept corrections and very flexible. As a Data Entry Clerk, his immense skillset were remarkable as he rendered satisfactory services to each client. His input helped in the expansion of the business as his eye for seeking out opportunities was evident.

[Name] has always taken his undertakings seriously and is zealous about his input as well as results. Beyond his skillset to stir change and development, he is also a talented leader, and a fighter who believes in spirit of positivism. He not only delivers his best in a group environment but also effective under minimal supervision. His leadership skills are fundamental in getting all team players involved in the task at hand to establish excellent results. He sustains a very strong personal style that is unique for every issue in the work environment. With his proactive approach and positive attitude, he is a talent warehouse who can also accommodate new ideologies. He is a good listener and learner; therefore, he can do well in the Master Program.

I have respect both on a personal level and professionally for [name], and candidly believe he will bring to your institution a sense of passion, zest, boundless creativity, and unique energy.

Letter of recommendation sample

I am truly pleased to write this letter of recommendation to the applicant, who was my masterts student in mathematics. In this letter, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to this highly talented young person for her immense contributions to my mathematics masterts class. She is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding students I have ever taught in my long career of teaching at the university level.

In the last two years, I have known her as a creative problem-solver with an eye for details and academic zeal. These attributes have been some of her key strengths in her pursuit and success in higher education. She was the most punctual and hardworking in her class. She attended classes regularly, showed excellent listening skills, completed assignments on time, and went beyond what was taught in class in her intense desire to achieve good grades. She took full responsibility for her learning and regularly requested for an appointment during my office hours where she sought clarification on mathematical concepts she did not understand well in class. Her regular intelligent and insightful contributions to class discussions, supported by her ability to communicate ideas clearly, proved invaluable for her peers as well as for me as a lecturer.

In small-group interaction, the applicant utilized her mathematical talent to help her fellow students understand difficult concepts. Her inherent capability to get along well with others and her outstanding leadership abilities made him the leader of her discussion group where she organized and led group reviews before exams, which proved helpful to other students. Because of her willingness to help coupled with her cordiality, she was the most liked student in the class.

Progress in mathematics

I would also like to mention that he was among top five best students in math 5040 (topics in applied analysis 1) in the Fall of 2015 and math 5800 (matrices and indefinite inner products) in the Spring of 2016. While undertaking these courses, she showed a quick grasp of new mathematical concepts, accepted constructive criticism, and listened carefully to instructions. She also demonstrated extraordinary ability to analyze mathematical problems and showed ingenious ways of solving hard mathematical questions. Through her assiduity and devotion to work, she was able to attain Grade A in both courses. She is the only student to get straight Ats in the two courses considered the most difficult by students.

I have also had the opportunity to know more about her from my interaction with colleagues and other graduate students in the mathematics department. She is considered, by both the faculty and fellow students, as a very special and talented individual. From our close association, I also find her mature beyond her years and capable of working independently and with minimal supervision. I am happy that she is planning to enroll for doctoral studies. In her, you will find a self-motivated, skillful, and self-determined student who will be able to complete a Ph.D. degree in a timely manner.

The applicant is exceptional, has a strong background in mathematics, ambitious, and highly efficacious. I strongly believe that as a dedicated and talented mathematics individual, she will be a great addition to your program. She has my highest recommendation. Please reach me via e-mail if you need more information about the applicant.

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