Free Essay - Comprehensive Discipline Management Plan Investigation

Published: 2023-12-11
Free Essay - Comprehensive Discipline Management Plan Investigation
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Within the school settings, students have a great role in creating a safe and caring environment for all the parties. As a way of enhancing communication within the school setting, students are supposed to embrace proper language techniques. The approach ensures there is a clear connection between the students, staff, and teachers. As such, students should avoid issues such as abusive language, which may affect the relationship among members. Students are supposed to embrace the required dress code to ensure a positive perception toward society. Additionally, students are required to demonstrate trustworthiness in all aspects of learning by avoiding problems associated with cheating. Due to their role, students are required to ensure the proper application of school properties. The technique ensures all materials are effectively shared by a large number of students over a long period. Normally, an effective application of school resources helps in demonstrating students’ responsibility toward improving and maintaining the learning environment. Furthermore, students should not engage in immoral behaviors such as the introduction of materials, for example, cell phones. When students illegally introduce such devices in their settings, they are highly likely that other misconduct may arise. For instance, the use of cell phone impact students to engage in cheatings, thus, affecting the evaluation process, especially in the examination.

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As a way of maintaining high standard value among students, the school is so positive in the implementation of the policies. In this case, the school has numerous strategic approaches that assist management in the implementation process. In order to ensure the process is effective, the school set numerous consequences that align with each policy. For instance, in the dressing code, students are required to wear the correct cloth, and failure to follow the policy may restrict them from attending classes. This form of implementation influence students to effectively embrace the policy as they fear the impact of not attending a class. Normally, when dealing with a group of people, there is a high chance that some individuals may intentionally violate the rules. Therefore, embracing positive ways of implementation impacts students to rationally understand what is good and bad within the environment. Additionally, management engages numerous disciplinary actions based on which policy a student has violated. For instance, a student may be suspended out of school if they are found with illegal materials such as a gun. In this case, it is a positive approach to suspend the student as they could be posing a danger to others within the environment.

There is a lot of similarity in what is stated and what is being practiced within the school settings. Normally, the school has written policies that management is supposed to embrace and promote a conducive environment for learning. Normally, the school is driven to attain high learning performances, which is based on profoundly standard behaviors. This mission impacts the management to rely on good behavior approaches during the learning programs. In this case, using the written policy as a reference, especially when implementing rules, has become a key aspect that influences the management in creating a culture that is driven by high standard behaviors. As such, embracing a positive culture help all stakeholders in learning and understanding the importance of following policies, which is a critical aspect that highlights the vision and mission of the organization.

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