Essay Example: Comparison Between Driving in the Winter and Driving in the Summer

Published: 2023-07-12
Essay Example: Comparison Between Driving in the Winter and Driving in the Summer
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The driving experience during the winter is quite different compared to driving in the summer because of the extreme weather conditions. Therefore, a driver might require a unique set of skills and equipment to maneuver through slippery roads and piles of snow. The low temperatures and heavy rains are also likely to damage car engines and reduce visibility on the road. During the summer, the weather conditions are usually favorable to the driver due to warmer temperatures and fewer rains. The driver gets a clear sight of the road, which allows him or her to move comfortably. The road conditions experienced by motorists make driving during the winter more difficult as compared to driving in the summer.

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Despite the differences in the weather conditions, both driving experiences in the summer and winter require the necessary driving skills. The driver must be knowledgeable on all traffic regulations and abide by them entirely. The driver is not only responsible for his or her safety, but also the safety of other people. Therefore, he or she must always pay attention to other motorists and pedestrians. In both scenarios, the objective of the driver is to move safely from a starting location to the desired destination. Notably, road accidents occur in both the winter and summer seasons, hence the favorable weather conditions should not encourage reckless driving, which risks the lives of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


Frequent heavy rains and snow in the winter cause roads and pavements to become very slippery; hence, the driver has to be extra attentive. The conditions make cars vulnerable to spinning out of control at the slightest case of speeding. On the contrary, roads are usually dry during the summer because of fewer rains. During the winter, drivers must use tire chains or snow tires to increase the car grip on slippery roads, which will prevent spinning. All cars may also require to have emergency and safety equipment due to the high risk of accident occurrence brought by extreme weather conditions. In severe cases, the snow rises to a level that makes it impossible for cars to access the road. Volunteers have to use tipper trucks to dig out snow from the streets to allow the movement of motor vehicles. Otherwise, motorists will have to wait for the ice to melt away to drive.

The low temperatures in the winter lead to heavy mist and frost on the car windscreen, which significantly decreases the visibility of drivers. Poor visibility reduces the driver's awareness of the road and its surrounding; thus, increasing the risk of accidents. In the winter, temperatures go below zero degrees Celsius, which also affects the performance of a variety of car engines that cannot adapt to freezing conditions. In contrast, the temperatures during the summer are always high, so cars require air conditioners to regulate the heat inside the vehicle and a cooling system to cool off the engine. The comfort of the driver is essential to ensure he or she concentrates on the road, but the cold winter does not favor the environment making driving more difficult.


In summary, driving in the summer is simple compared to driving in the winter. The extreme weather conditions during the winter present motorists with new challenges that are non-existent during the summer; for example, slippery roads and low visibility of the environment. Thus, when driving in the winter, drivers need additional technical skills and quick responses in case of an emergency. However, drivers also need to be cautious during the summer regardless of the favorable weather conditions to avoid any road casualties, hence protecting themselves, their passengers, and pedestrians.

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