Comparison between ArcGIS and MapInfo Software - Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-11
Comparison between ArcGIS and MapInfo Software - Essay Example
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ArcGis and Mapinfo as the Two Most Comprehensive Geography-Related Programs

Geographical Information Systems are widely required for a lot of business companies, starting with small platforms and up to large enterprises. Due to the increasing demand, the number of reliable and efficient programs is continuously growing, but ArcGis and Mapinfo remain the most appreciated and reputable ones.

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ArcGIS and Mapinfo are both geographical information system software that are used for working with geographic information and maps as well. The two software are developed by different corporations. ArcGIS is developed currently by Environmental Systems Research Institute, while Mapinfo is developed by Pitney Bowes Software (Kumar, Liu, & Hwang, 2012). The two programs are used in cartography as well as analysis purposes. The software can be used to get real-time data from any part of the world, model it into a map and analyze it. This paper intends to distinguish the two programs and elucidate on their differences for the purpose of selection. User-friendliness, efficiency, functionality, key advantages and downsides are taken into account to help customers make the right choice. Additionally, the article may help you acknowledge how to apply for the programs in various sectors of the economy and get maximum advantage of the experience.

Geographical Information Systems: Key Notions and Definitions to Mind

Before you dive into the specifications of Mapinfo and ArcGis as the most efficient geography programs, it is indispensable to deal with definitions and understand the fundamental processes behind the software.

A geographical Information System (GIS) is a comprehensive computer system that provides users with an opportunity to create, manage, upload, manipulate, and analyze spatial data. The main idea of GIS is to connect different types of information to a map and aid critical decision-making processes. Descriptive information customers get is actively used in science to help various industries thrive and develop. Additionally, it is critical to mention that it is the exact option that helps people acknowledge certain patterns and relationships in terms of geography. Advanced communication, better efficiency and unlimited access to critical information are the core advantages of ArcGis, Mapinfo and other software offered within GIS.

What makes the system so demanded and appreciated? In fact, it is complicated to explain all the reasons for the continuously growing reputation of the option, as they are unique and individual in most instances. However, the overwhelming majority of companies and organizations use GIS in most activities, as creating sophisticated maps may help to communicate, analyze specific processes, exchange data and deal with complicated issues worldwide. In fact, GIS is the item that changes the world of business and helps it grow, increase and advance much faster.

As for everyday life, the system influences many of its aspects, as well, because it is complicated to find a person who has never looked for the shortest way to the mall or cafe. How is this information available on your phone? The Geographical Information System makes it all possible, as it collects the data about the locations, helping users reach destinations.

ArcGis and Its Peculiarities

Once you understand the basic principles of how geography data software works, you are ready to immerse yourself in a more detailed analysis of available programs. Although they have a lot of similarities that cover mainly objectives and functionality, there are numerous specifications that can make a considerable difference. Therefore, you should make an effort to learn the peculiarities of the option before you start using it for your projects.

ArcGis is one of the most popular geospatial programs that is widely used to analyze geographical data, edit and manage it. Developed by Esri, the software aims to simplify scientific research irrespective of the location. Thus, irrespective of the phenomenon you want to study, ArcGis will make it possible.

An appealing functionality and undeniable user-friendliness make ArcGis widely appreciated and demanded by users who work in various industries. It may be unexpected to hear that the program is continuously used in the fields of education, government, sociology and economy. Still, the environment, land planning and military remain the biggest areas where the software is being taken advantage of.

At this point, it is fundamental to mention that ArcGis is not a single program but rather a set of items that makes complicated processes easy. Experienced users who are interested in the extensive functions of the item will come across ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, ArcGlobe and ArcGis Pro options that will make the data collection and analysis much more quality and extensive. Depending on the purpose, customers can benefit from different options within the set and perform necessary functions to the best.

Apart from an array of programs available within ArcGis, there are numerous tools, add-ons and extensions that will make the process simpler, faster and better. Download any of them to enhance the capabilities of the product and obtain more information about the object you are interested in.

Mapinfo: Basic Information about the Software

Mapinfo is another product with a similar goal. In fact, it is another mapping solution offered for the GIS specialists that helps to gather, visualize, analyze, edit and present critical information about certain trends and patterns.

When it comes to a significant decision-making process, each mistake may cost you a lot, so it is indispensable to use the top-tier software to estimate the situation, weigh all the pros and cons and come up with the most beneficial solution. Mapinfo may serve as the most appealing source of the information for business companies that consider relocation or creating a new marketing strategy to attract more customers. At this point, the success of the campaign may depend on your ability to perform geospatial analysis and make reasonable conclusions.

What are the instances when users can take advantage of Mapinfo? Here are the three most advantageous uses of the software:

  • To explore. No matter if you strive to start a new company in the area, open an office, set up a lab or start research, collecting information about the surrounding territory is a must. Mapinfo is the fastest and the most advantageous way to explore the necessary data and visualize it. As a result, you will be able to predict the potential outcomes of the experience and contribute to the efficiency and profitability of the undertaking.
  • To model. Have you received the information you need? It is time to use another tool and integrate your corporate data with demographics. Consequently, you can model various ways the situation may develop, which is the best way to prevent unwanted outcomes and other unexpectedness.
  • To act. At this point, it is critical to emphasize that if you are good at geography, it does not mean everyone else is the same professional. Fortunately, using Mapinfo, you can present the most important data in a way that it will be easy for amateurs to comprehend.

Finally, talking about Mapinfo, it is indispensable to emphasize that the software also offers an array of add-ons and extensions that will contribute to the functionality of the program.

Similarities and Discrepancies between ArcGis and Mapinfo

Once you have learned some information about ArcGis and Mapinfo, you may realize how similar they are. In fact, the reason why customers use the services is the same, so it may seem that the solutions are interchangeable. However, these programs have some differences in how they function and in their interfaces because they are developed by different companies with different designs. Firstly, ArcGIS is written in C++ programming language, while Mapinfo was developed using a BASIC-like programming language (Lewis, 2000).

Mapinfo is user friendlier since it gives room for its users to share files and folders that are customable and easier to use. It has made it possible for cross-departmental engagements a dream come true.

Both the programs display options of creating, drawing editing as well as managing created maps. In my opinion, on the basis of metadata handling, navigation is simpler in ArcGIS as compared to Mapinfo (Lewis, 2000). This is made possible by the ArcCatalogue while in Mapinfo it is the Grid Manager that makes it possible.

Moreover, it is not possible to run MapInfo as a standalone program since it requires Mapinof Profssional. In terms of interface, they both have tables of contents that acts to direct the users by offering guidelines. However, the difference is that in ArcGIS the contents that are being used are normally indicated evidently side by side, while in Mapinfo one is not able to see this. Mapinfo has a simpler interface while ArcGIS looks more intricate due to several geoprocessing functions ("27 Differences Between ArcGIS and QGIS - The Most Epic GIS Software Battle in GIS History - GIS Geography", 2015).

Mapinfo makes it simple to retrieve mistakes made by the undo command while ArcGIS does not have this fundamental command. ArcGIS is much slower in that there is no way a user can interrupt screen redraws while in Mapinfo, user can interrupt screen redraws.

So, how is it possible to choose the most beneficial program that will meet your requirements and expectations? First of all, it is indispensable to mind the purpose of your GIS usage. If you take your time to read numerous reviews about the software and its peculiarities, you will get a clear understanding of which item is the best. However, one should also remember that ArcGis and Mapinfo may be used in various instances. One of the programs may seem more functional and efficient in one case, while the other can be much more productive in the other.

Do you still struggle to make a choice and opt for the most relevant and appropriate software? Here are a few features of Mapinfo and ArcGis that may simplify your struggle and help you make the right decision.

  • Pricing. Both programs offer quote-based systems, so you will have to create the project and wait for the upcoming quotes.
  • Features. Downloading Mapinfo, you will get a location intelligence suite, data exploration and visualization, quick result sharing, customization, geocoding, efficient raster GIS analysis and a plethora of other features. As for the ArcGis, you may expect to benefit from easy data management, 3D imagery, spatial analytics, real-time GIS, remote sensing and some other options.
  • Supported language. Both items are available in English.
  • Compatible devices. No matter if you want to download Mapinfo or ArcGis to your phone or computer, you will be able to do it if it runs on Windows or macOS. Additionally, both options are available online.
  • Customer support service. Mapinfo offers constant client support through email, phone and live chat, while ArcGis is available through the live chat and phone only.

Final Word

What program is the most beneficial? Which one should be used for business, scientific, research, analysis or other purposes? The answer may differ depending on the company and its specifications. As for economy-related issues, Mapinfo seems to be more advantageous as it offers better functionality. As for crime mapping, I would choose ArcGIS since it is more dynamic and with improved functionality which includes extensions for exporting maps to Adobe files and it makes it superior for analytical purposes compared to Mapinfo. Mapinfo may be cheap but will not be able to handle large amount of data for the police agency. There is need for analysis of the maps in police department and ArcGIS is worth the task.


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